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i have a friend for while like 3months+ we are just friends getting know each other on surface and also deep level i knew she has a boyfriend for many years so i was staying in middle being something between friend and between interested in her i would say mixed signals i was giving to her we are writting on 2 things. One is chat were we type each other long essays on deep level and second by SMS on surface level about normal thing. Everything was fine and going well until last week. She invited me for a drink it was a great night she told me she broke up with that guy it was 6 years together i guess and started to date another guy like for week but over that night i had a big feeling she's into me because we we talking about dancing lessons that i'm starting soon and she siad she would want to learn that too and if i'm going to go later on same ball we could go together she was for the first time touching me a lot, talking about going to cinema together, we are going together on one show we really like and there was a lot of things we both agreed on i also remember i was checking her belly because she was kinda saying she's fet and she was checking mine, she also said she really likes whipped cream so i ordered it for her few times and she was feeding herself and also me with the same spoon and we end up kinda drunk. I went to her place and we were saying goodbye we hugged two times and that last hug was really long one and i remember i smell her hair. She texted me next day that drinking and whipped cream wasn't good idea in funny way so i answered her and then 2 days nothing then i got text that she was really busy because of exam at school i knew she had one. Anyway i answered her back and then was a weeked and again two days nothing then i saw her personally with other friends and probably nothing special there only when i came she was telling everyone the story about how we got drunk.. (2 other girls) and one of them later told me before i came that she asked if i will come and that she admited that she didn't answer me on text and that she looked like "whatever". She never was like that she always answered without problems in few hours mostly.

So i'm not quite sure what that means. Did i miss my chance ? i should have kiss her that night and now she's playing hard to get or what's going on ?

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