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I feel so lost


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I moved out of my house to be with someone that both my parents don't accept. My mom really holds a MALICE for me because she told my sister and dad not to speak to me and honestly it's made me felt so lost because I've always been the good daughter. I've always gotten good grades I went to college I got a career although my situation changed a year ago and I had to quit my job because of stress and health reasons. I've always driven them around everywhere to grocery shopping to appointment to outings. it just got to A point where I felt like I was being used because they would be very mean at times. Anyways, I live with this guy. and it baffles me that my mom doesn't want my sister speaking to me. I talk to my dad here and there but even he doesn't want her to know we talk because he wants to avoid conflict with her ( he is very ill). A part of me feels as though I have abandoned my father. I have always been there for him but I had to get away from them and I was also forced into a marriage I didn't want. I couldn't handle the stress behind it. My mind is more calm away from them but at the same time It hurts knowing that although they don't agree with my choice that my mom goes out of her way to wish death on me or wish that I have a bad life and even try to stop others from speaking to me..... I just don't get it. I am my father's only daughter but it feels as though he holds a lot of resentment towards me. I have never gone out a day in my life with friends for a night and when i finally did (when I lived there before the move) both my parents were down stairs because they thought i had gone out with the guy. I was in the car with my friends and my dad started saying how i dont give a about him which I find to be such an unfair statement. I am always there whenever he needs me. everytime he's in the hospital in always there by his side. I always try to help him out even when he is stubborn and doesn't want my help.... I couldn't believe he would say that. My mom constantly leaves him at home and goes out with friends or goes on vacations knowing how sick he is and he never tells her anything. I feel like it's really unfair for him and her to act like I'm his wife and have to be home 24/7 with him. they both went as far as to tell my friends my entire business about the guy I got married to and about this other guy. I was with my current boyfriend for 5 years and then i got married to someone i didn't know. I was dumb for doing it. I was pressured into it and It was my biggest regret. Im not sure what they gained out of embarrassing me...... behaving like that when I never go out and I just wanted to live a bit. I don't know how to feel anymore. I'm so down on life that I can't be happy with anything. I'm like an empty shell.

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Are we dealing with an arranged marriage and different cultural beliefs here? Is this an Indian family? Were you forced to marry someone you didn't know and you've left him to be with your boyfriend? Are you in the US or EU? There's a lot of details here that we need to know before being able to give you good advice. How about writing a full story, starting from the beginning?


I would say that it's very difficult to go against the wishes of your family, particularly because they can put tremendous pressure on you. The best advice might be to move to a new city or a new country and begin to make yourself into a new woman with a sense of self and high self-esteem. You can do this, hopefully with the help of your boyfriend.

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