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Hey guys, Been long time I hope everyone happy new year.


I am not sure if everyone is familiar with my story, I was with my ex boyfriend for 3 years, we were first relationship of each other. I got him out of his depression and backed him up in school after his third attempt in his exams (we after his second failed attempt) to get into uni. I supported him fianancially and mentally, we broke up 2 summers ago for the first time as he was starting his first year uni, i caught him cheating on me and he wanted to have a new life and meet people. A month later we got back together after he realised his mistake, yet he kept on with his lies (he did admit he is a pathological liar). last summer we were about to move in together until he broke up with me again as obviously i did shape his uni life and prepared him well in my opinion, he ghosted me for 3 months straight and I found out he sold my belongings i had in his house.


I contacted the police and solicetor who took actions but they did warn me once the statement is made there is no turning back for him, therefore as he is studying paramedic, it will appear on his records that he committed a crime. Because I respected our years together and he was still young (20 years old and I am 23) I did drop the case as i do not want to screw his life. His mother tried to justify his actions which is non-sense because we used to get along so well.


my friends who last time we saw each other was last summer when they heard about me dropping the case thinks I made a mistake and that he wont learn his lesson, including my therapist who i have due to my BU depression and the police claiming his action should not represent paramedic


Is my last gesture going to make him realise how good i was to him, I feel bad now that I let someone who will go on save lives manupilate other people. Havent heard from him since last summer, but he did unblock me from FB on September but I blocked in return

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He either understands how good you were to him (and it doesn't matter) or he doesn't. What he thinks no longer matters. You made the choice you felt was ethical. You did the right thing by your heart. How it effects him is irrelevant.


It's not your job to teach him a lesson. It's you job to heal and move on and figure out why you stayed with someone and got back together with someone who is clearly not capable of being in a relationship. He cheated, lied and abounded you.


As for his role? You don't have to be a nice person to be a paramedic. You don't have to be an honest person to be a paramedic. Nothing he has done to you is necessarily a reflection of if he can do that job. He can save lives and be a bad partner. And if this pattern of behavior makes him a bad paramedic you can sure as sh*t bet he won't be one for long. It's not a job where you get to stay on if you mess up a bunch.

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