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So, me and my ex recently broke up, we had been together on and off for almost 5 years, and on top of that we work together as a partnership with moderate success. We used to live together, and she instigated me moving out of the place and a break because she wanted space from me. So this lead to a full break up with her saying that she isn’t sure what she wants, she can’t handle a relationship and she just wants to be friends. I’m bummed out by this but I’ve gone along with it as I think things were starting to slip on my side too. Anyway, I recently slept with another girl, and my ex somehow found out and is going crazy at me, saying she wanted to get back together and only broke up with me to help me ‘grow up’. I’m not sure what to do, do I apologise to her and never see the other girl again? Or is she being too controlling? I can’t tell how I feel about it at the moment past being confused. She feels cheated by me but we were broken up...Obviously the relationship is complicated because of the work we are in, I don’t want to cut ties with her because of that. What should I do?

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