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Okay so I met this guy a few months ago... he's a campus officer and I work at the library. Anyways we've become cool friends, thing is we flirt A LOT, I thought I was the only one who noticed but one of my other friend did too. I tried to not pay to much attention to it because I was also told he is a flirt..


One day we went out with some of my coworkers he knows as well (girls), and one of their bf's. (Let's name the girls, TR, TM, S) (and the guy I'm talking about D) Okay so we went out at this one time to eat I was still 20 and D and TR were the only 21 year old's so they were drinking after eating we went to play pool and D was flirting with me by making fun of how I didn't know how to play and kept moving my pole so I would miss and when I'd take pictures he'd get in them and stuff like that.. but I noticed TR was being flirtatious with him too.. so i brushed it all off as nothing.. Over the next few days he'd reply to my snapchat stories.. then when I'd reply he wouldn't reply no more.


Then came winter break when we went home to LA and I din't have a ride back because I had to come back early to work and I saw he was still home soo I asked him if he could give me a ride back when he came back and he said yes... We drove for 6 hours over night where I learned a lot about him.. I would usually sleep on the way here but he kept me awake... It was fun.


Over the next day he snapped me a picture because he found my tinder (I only got again because I was helping one of my guy friends fix their page cause they were new to it) and he put laughing faces so I asked him what was so funny he said it was funny cause he found me I replied with well you were bound to find me we live very close by and this is a small school.. and he replied with its funny cause you were the 5th person... I did not understand what he meant so i asked him what he meant and he told me "idk I've been sippin" so I ended up changing the subject

(One of our mutual friends once mention that D had a friends with benefits who he said he was gonna end things with)


Anywayssss One day I made Enchiladas and put it on my story and he snapchatted me he wanted some... I replied much later because I was at the gym and said you can come get some ( it was late) he replied the next day saying "I dont want to take your food you're to nice" so i said , your lose they're great, and he said I bet enchiladas are my favorite, and i said well you can come get some and he said he would later... of course I ended up going out with my friend and he ended up saying he was going over and i told him i wasnt home and he asked what time id be home I told him i dint know because i was with my friend .... when i told my friend she told me to invite him so I called him and let her invite him and her excuse of inviting him was I needed a ride back to my apt and hen he agreed to meet us... so it ended up being my friend and her bf and D and I... (it felt like a double date but it was not lol) so we went to eat and then to trader joes.. after we all walked back to D's car and said goodbye ... I left with D .. and my friend with her bf when we got to his car he told me we had an hour to kill (he had to pick up his older brother from work (they work at the same store )) while we drove he said " we can go scuba diving i got my gear" and I was like sure ( this was all sarcastic btw it was night time lol) then he said I only have one gear and I said that unfortunate and he said yeah for you and I was like I didnt wanna go anyways ... after I asked him where he went scuba diving and he said in the ocean and laughed I rolled my eyes and told him I would never ask him anything ever again.. he kept laughing and i was like I meant where do you go scuba diving here?! and he's like I'll show you.. so we drove over and he showed me one fo the beginner places we stayed there for a bit and the he asked me if I wanted to go see where he worked and I said sure so we drove over and i met his brother and he gave me a tour of the store I also met his supervisor and well we hung out there till his brother got out.. we drove his brother home and he drove me home after..


The next day he txted me and asked if I could let him and his friend in the gym in my apt and I said yes... I didnt realize his friend was a girl so I txt my friend ad i describe his friend to my friend and she told me that might be his friends with benefits... the next day while i was with my friend D asks if i could let him in the gym again and i tell him yes my friend suggests we go to Jamba juice and I invite D he says he cant because he's packing so I tell him okay just let me know when your here for the gym and he replies with "never mind Im coming for you I want Jamba juice now"and i said okay (he did not know my friend was with me .. we planned that i would go with him and she'd surprise us over there) so i left with him and on the way over there he was playing girly music which he was dancing to and I was just laughing and making fun of him and well when we got there my friend surprised him because he didn't expect her lol... we then left (my friend went home and we went over to my apt) as he still wanted to go to my gym i was gonna go thru the far side of my apt to give him my id to get in since i was gonna go upstairs and change and meet him at the gym but he insisted to walk me to the closes door to my room .. so i went up changed came down and when i got to the gym the same girl as the last time was there so we all worked out and more people started to come in the gym so I got frustrated and finished my workout routine and went to tell him bye as I did he was like " you're leaving already we just got here" I was like yeah Im done then he asked me if they could come again tomorrow I told him I worked both my jobs back to back and I wouldnt be home till probably 10 he then offer to pick me up (I dont have a car) and I accepted the offer

When he came to pick me up from work the next day the girl came with him in his truck( they usually drive in their own cars .. also he has a pick up truck and he carries a lot of stuff with him on the back seat so may I add only two barely 3 people fit him his truck...) so I had to ride in the back squished... they went to buy frozen yogurt ( didnt want some because I was sick) and she paid for him.. she then told me he was tryna teach her how to ride a bike because she does not know how to ride one and he let her fall... ) she's a very nice pretty girl) (also rumor has it he's into white girls and she's white and I am not lol) so they dropped me off and he said they weren't gonna go to the gym so I called him weak and he said you're not going either ( I had told him the previous day I wasnt going but changed y mind) and I said I am and he said you are well I'll see if I come later ( he did not)

We didnt really talk and I didnt see him again till Thursday... Thursday my friend decided to get a cabin to celebrate her birthday with her bf 2 other girl friends and D & I.. D wanted to invite TR (Idk why but he really wanted her to go) My friend told him no lol. so We all drove together for the exception of D who drove in his own truck by himself later on when he got here we were playing card against humanity and he joied in we were drinking already and he brought his own bear and made me drink one of the IT WAS NASTY haha.. so later on we started to play beer pong we splot in teams of 3 and of course D was in my team and I sucked (idk why im usually good) but D kept making fun of me ( I have this thing of play choking people when they tease me) so I played choked him and he would tell me he liked it lol we ended up loosing the game and D one of the other girls and I went outside the cabin into the wilderness... and he went deeper into the trees and I was not about to go over there because I"ve seen scary movies lol.. but he said something that caught my attention so I went over there and well we ended up finding a fire pit and we made a fire... at one point smoke went into my eyes and it burned so bad my eyes started to water up and I was tipsy and whining about it and he told me to get away from it and when I did he came by and said " you know what they say fire follows sexy people" ad I was confused on if he meant him or I was the sexy one? so i played it off and said why thank you and he said you're welcome which confirmed he called me sexy lol? Late on we were all around the fire pit D and I were sitting on the same chair , I on the arm rest and him on the actual chair and he was taking pictures of the fire with my phone then gave it back .. when everyone but D and I went inside we stayed outside tryna keep the fire alive and he started to poke me and I told him to stop poking my fat and he kept doing it lol I kept telling him to stop and he told me I wasnt fat that I was looking good or doing good because I was going to the gym... and he called himself fat and showed he his small ass belly... a little after ths he took my phone away and said he wanted to take selfies .. he took 1 selfie and started trying to take pictures with me a tried to cover my face and he would uncover it lol... lol when the fire died we went inside to find everyone getting ready for bed he commented on how he was gonna sleep in his car (his pickup truck has small camper attached on the back so you can sleep there) and we tried to convince him not to but he didnt listen.. ( I had work the next day in the afternoon and he in the morning so We were gonna leave early in the morning before anyone else)


I followed him out when he was going to his truck so i could put one of my bags in there and I ended up staying outside for an hour more or less talking to him... We play argued like always and by this time I was sobering up (not sure about him) I kept telling him to get in his camper trunk so i could close it and he wouldnt let me he would tell me to hug him and he's go in so i would hug him this happened about 4 times... the last time he askd me to hug him I told him no because he didnt wanna go in for reals and he said okay im for reals this time I will so I hugged him and we hugged for a long while.. we talked while we hugged and he out of the no where KISSED MY CHEEK! after i closed him in his trunk I went inside and did not know what it all meant...

The next morning I went to wake him up and one of the girls asked for a ride back with us.. so we all drove back and well we did't talk about it..



SOMEONE please tell me what this means .. I kinda have feelings for him at this point.. he's never really hugged me let alone kissed my cheek.. never seen him do this to anyone... Was he still buzzed or what? Please give me your opinions..


Sorry this is so long!

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