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I'm about to be extremely vulnerable and very real


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I need to let my woman know exactly how I feel.


I'm going to tell her how much I love her and why I love her. I love her for so many different reasons, from the deep, core ways of who she is to the little, day to day silly things that confirm how my heart feels for her.


I'm also going to tell her that I want to be with her long-term (for life). I'm going to express to her how important she is to me and how she fits into my life.


I'm also going to bring up how seeing her text someone I don't know about made me feel insecure. (As a disclaimer, I have zero problems with her being friends with other guys and I am the exact opposite of someone who is "all in their partners business". I value and respect her as a woman, her independence and her choice to live her own life)


I am excited to share these feelings with her because it will be an expression of me revealing my true feelings. I can't pretend any longer that the texts I saw made me feel insecure and also, how she fits into my long term plans. Because I truly love the out of this woman, I need to be honest and vulnerable.


Naturally, I'm scared that she may react in a way I don't want to happen. But at the end of the day, I feel like I need to honor myself, own my feelings and express them in the truest, clearest and healthiest way possible.


For the men and women on the forum, any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Best Regards, - A

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Can you have separate conversations about these two topics? Start with the text; just ask who he is, what he means to her, something like that. Why he has her number. Don't accuse; just get more information and gauge her responses. What was the text about? You can let her know how you feel about it but it will probably be obvious. After you've gotten past it, then plan a romantic night to tell her what she means to you. Otherwise, a nice sentiment like that will have a cloud hanging over it if it's mixed with qualms about the text.

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