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New to this so I’m sorry if this is the wrong place for this kind of stuff, but here it is:

So this girl that I work with is very attractive, and I started talking to her recently. She goes to a different high school than me, and we have each other on snapchat and I also have her number but I’ve never texted her (I just have her number from the work group message, that’s also how I got her snap). I’ve worked there for about a year and half now, and she’s work there for maybe 3-4 months. I haven’t really been interested in her until now, I always thought she was too attractive, lol. She is also pretty popular at her school, and I’m, not really. On New Years I snapped her for the first time and said happy New Years. She snapped me back, and I just casually snapped her until the past week or so. We also both get high, and drink, forgot to add that. She leaves me open on snap here and there, and I just double snap her, but I think she just likes snaps with words. Like if you send her a snap with your face, she’ll probably leave you open, but if you ask her something or say something she’ll reply. We were talking a lot 2 days ago, and I told her we should hang out sometime, and she sent a snap that said “Alright” and had her hand up like this


Sorry for the rant, just thought I would add everything so I can valid answers. Thanks in advance.


Edit: Sorry, completely forgot about the question... Do you think she just wants to be friends, or more than just friends?

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