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Stepmother’s Birthday party


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Thanks for reading—

I have a bit of a dilemma. My stepmother is turning 50 in two months. I love her like my mother and I want it to be an amazing celebration of her life. She has been such a huge part of my life and just this year helped me have the wedding of my dreams.


My father wanted to throw her a party so of course I threw myself into the planning with a lot of excitement and working on details.


It’s a surprise party and 50 people rsvped.

Now, over the holidays, she pulled me aside begging me to make sure we do not throw her a party. (She thought she overheard someone talking about it but wasn’t sure)


She works very hard, looks like she’s 35 and genuinely does not want to celebrate turning 50 with a party.


What do I do? Do I tell her about it? Do we cancel the party? Do we just hope she will end up being overwhelmed with joy to see all her friends and family?


As someone who always does wonderful things for others I feel like she deserves a day to be all about her..but obviously not if she will hate it.




Ps: my father is useless when it comes to these things lol so I can’t count on him for sound advice.

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