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Get back to my ex after a long silence


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Me and my ex are from different countries, but I was planning to move to his country to the city not far from his (not because of him) long time ago. So when I went home for several month to fix some paper routine, my ex dumped me over the phone, explaining that he was tired of the distance relationship. His previous relationships were on the distance and lasted for almost 6 years, so he did not want it to happen again. He broke up with me one month ago. I was so mad and saifd I didn't want to talk to him anymore. Since that time I've done my best not to write or call him.

Soon I will be in his country again, and I want us to meet and talk. And possibly ask him to try again. I am not the one who is chasing the guys, but I really feel I want to be with this man. I am afraid he will say no. What do you think? Does it worth trying? I don't want to look pathetic, but I also want him to know about my feelings.

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