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Advice needed


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I have posted once already about my situation

But just need some advice

It's easy for people to say it will be fine

I was with him for 7 years he asked me to marry him even got my son to a picture for when he did it

He has told me he needs time and that he doesn't know if he wants this anymore this is alll done over text message he hasn't actually came to talk

He has asked me if I would let him see my son if we broke up and I said it would be up to my son

He has been in my sons life since he was 4

He told me via text that he wanted to see me and my son but wants time apart I asked him if he wanted to see me as friends via text he didn't answer

When I spoke to him on the phone about the car he said about seeing my son and me and I told him I could never be his friend if he wanted to see my son he could talk to him and arrange it not me I can't be friends with him and watch him happy with someone else

We have a car together which is in his name and he still has stuff in my home and has keys which I have asked for but he hasn't given me

We also have two dogs together which I might need to rehome they are two big dogs and it's hard for me to do on my own

I know it's bad but his mom and dad live five minutes away from my house so I drove down there today and his work van isn't there I know deep down there is someone else and I've asked him and all I get no there isn't anyone else and that was on Friday I just know there is someone else I just wish he could be truthful with me

It's really hard because i have no one my mom died two years ago and my sister and I are barely talking due to an argument I have tried to talk to her but she always says I'm concentrating on me

I have three friends two are settled down and the other one is older and has her own problems

I just need some advice I don't want to end up alone which is how I feel now

I know I have my son but it's different because I'm his mom and he will always be there but I'm finding this so hard it feels like everyone goes away from me

Please read my last post to get a background of the situation

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Sorry to hear this. Try to stay focused on business. Tell him to get his stuff out. Get your keys back. It's his car, sort out your using it. Figure out pet care. Do not let him use your son as a pawn. Keep your son out of the equation. Where is your son's father? Stay away from his parents or their home. Do not stalk or call him or his family. Only discuss his getting his stuff out asap.

We have a car together which is in his name and he still has stuff in my home and has keys which I have asked for but he hasn't given me
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