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I hate that I can't be bothered with anything


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Hi guys,

It's come to the end of my final year at school, my exams are almost over, but yet I am not putting effort into anything I do, I'm not going out to do things just being lazy at home. I've got an exam that could affect the rest of my life and yet I am not studying for it. I don't know if I have any motivation or what I am truly passionate about or if I will be able to overcome this can't be bothered attitude. I tend not to get things done immediately and I don't really commit. I would really like to change this can't be bothered attitude and I would like if anyone could give me advise to overcome this problem.

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It might be because you subconsciously don't want to leave the school life. As someone who spent 16 years in school, I can tell you that it was quite a shock for me. I kept going back to school to meet my younger friends and hang out for way too long. The things that led me to a successful academic life didn't work in the real world. And it took quite a while for me to find a company where I could learn the ropes and climb up the ladder of success. I don't think you want that phase of your life to be over. But keep in mind there's a whole world out there waiting for you. Embrace completing your studies and get that diploma, and then you'll never have to worry about it again.

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This is pretty common, so don't feel like a freak. It's been a marathon, and lots of people struggle over the finish line. Some sabotage themselves so they won't make it. You get to decide whether you'll be one of those.


Your tuition covers mental health counseling on campus, so make an appointment and use the service. They've seen this before and can help you with some tools and tricks. It's also helpful to be accountable to them for any steps you make toward progress.


Meanwhile, recognize that nobody else can do this FOR you. Whether to step up or not is a decision you'll need to make and carry out. I'd suggest not overwhelming yourself with anxiety about what to do after graduation--that can shut you down--have you noticed? Just focus on each small baby step and create small rewards for yourself for completing each step.


For instance, break up your studies into small parts. Promise yourself that you'll play games AFTER you complete just one small piece rather than 'everything' you need to do. This takes the weight off of things and keeps you focused ONLY on what you need to do next.


You can also flirt with the idea of going to grad school later to give yourself the feeling of completing a semester rather than all of school. This doesn't mean you MUST go for your Master's degree, it just means that it's an option that will make this time feel less like an ending and more like another milestone on a continuation.


Head high, you can do this. It's a decision.

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