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not really sure where this falls so if i post this wrong tell me, but im still in the race........


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Im guy so if this post doesnt make sense you understand now.



My ex jumped ship after 2yrs,ive tried no contact but she alway figures out away to break it idk how, but anyway she started a relationship with someone else not even 3 weeks after we broke up. shes in a long distance relationship some 7hrs away, shes not over me she tells me everyday she misses me. Her new gf(ex gf is bi) was supposed to move her in the next couple months now it looks like her gf isnt because of something to do with her gf doesnt want to be 7hrs away from family, and my ex wont move more than an hr drive from her family, well i think im still in the race. i live just over an hour from my ex gf, like an 1hr 15mins its less than that but you get the point. We broke contact after 3 days, she had deleted me from snapchat, facebook you name it. Not even an hr after she deleted me from snapchat she re added me she honestly cant live without me. We have talked all day from 7am to 11pm back and forth texting. We had a full disclosure of how we ended both talked how we would fix it and so on. we even had a sexual conversation, she misses me in every way you can possibly imagine missing someone. our dog that we have together(really her dog but we both adopted it together) doesnt like my ex our dog whines everyday for couple of hours with my exes keys at her feet and at the front door our dog misses me, she misses me, but for whatever reason she will not come back. my ex has money so doesnt work, i figured my ex would support her new gf and herself for a couple months until her new gf found a job but they live in one of the hardest places in the state to find a job espesiaclly in her gfs feild for at least 30miles and pays like $10hr. MY ex is obviously in a rebound thats written out with sharpie(ex doesnt want to believe it) her gf and dumb as . im 26 and have most of my together. i think im going to come out on top on this, i can transfer anywhere in the world oif my ex and i did get back together i could transfer to another location on 20 miles down the road and still keep my same pay.

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Surely there is someone else for you that is closer then an hour away who isn't in a relationship with another woman? Your ex sounds unstable and you're starting to sound like her.


She's with someone else now. Tell her to leave you alone unless she's single and wants to reconcile. (I still think you can do better then her though)

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