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Do I ask too much?


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I know a lot examples, when people got married just after one month of relationship. And they are still happy together. That's why it seems to me it's ok, when people are very close as they are close on the third year of relationship.


I don't know where you're from, Katharina, but I do know that some cultures move faster than others when it comes to marriage. One of my girlfriends, who is from Siberia, was married in her very early 20s to a man she only knew for a few months. They've been married at least ten years now, and have a very solid relationship. But they came from similar cultures (he is Ukranian). A couple of other girls that I am friends with were also married relatively young. They are from India, Iran, and Sudan. Maybe your relationship is at a point where a curling iron would be appropriate. In the US, the marriage norms can be highly variable depending on personal preference and where you are in the country.

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Yes, we will be on Christmas together. I just wanted to ask him,"What would you like to get?"

But I know he is not satisfied with quality of pictures on his iPhone, so I'm thinking to present Olloclip lense.


I wasn't going to comment because everyone pretty much said what I wanted to say. I just want to add... it's all up to you on how you view a relationship?! If it's all materials and what you buy etc.. etc... then whatever float your boat! I just know based on experience and I've been in relationships where my ex would buy me all sorts of expensive gifts, well those relationships pretty much stayed at just that for years! In my opinion there are so much more to a relationship, why not just buy your own curling iron?

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I think you had to give more details about your relationship. Then, maybe, you wouldn't have got all these comments.


If your loved one asks, what you want to get, you can answers some variants. For example, two not so expensive presents and third this curling iron. So, he will be able to choose a variant, what suits him. Also, he will have to read enough amount of the review of best curling iron. That'w why you can share necessaty posts or reviews in social networks.

I wish you good luck

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