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When I was in Primary school in the 2nd grade that was in 2002 a new girl was introduced into my class, she instantly caught my eye. I was a kid i never told her how i felt. 2005 I transferred to another school never saw her again.12 years later I heard from a former classmate that she was looking for my number. I gave that classmate my number and a few days later she made contact. That was late January 2017, we started talking and I finally told her how I felt. 14 February we started dating and we both requested commitment and agreed on that. Everything was sailing smoothly until August.Over a spat of jealousy from my side we stopped talking but in September I texted her apologising. She forgave me for the jealousy but sadly she says she doubts we will ever get back together.


I never cheated on her and i still love her. I had committed all of me into the relationship. I'm scared she found a new partner in my absence.


I'm wondering if I should just let her be or just keeping on trying but I don't want to seem like a pest.

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I remember every little detail about her, from the day I first saw her and the last day conversation I had with her.The thing is we're still in contact. It hurts that I can't tell her that I love her like I used to.


I hope she heals and forgives and yes I've learnt a great lesson. Love shouldn't be proud

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Aww! See, I really appreciate this quality of yours for remembering each and every detail about your ex. So lucky she was in that case.

I never knew such guys exists. I am glad to know that from you.

Anyway, she'll definitely forgive you eventually. Apparently all it takes is time. Time always settle the dust. And hence, dust between you and she will definitely settle down with time. For now it's okay to be sad, why wouldn't you? After all breakups aren't easy to handle.

But, again with time you'll also begin to forget her and will move on but like I said previously "Don't forget the lesson learnt".

God bless you!

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