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advice needed about a ex(not sure if right topic)


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hello all. i hope i find everybody well.


So the reason i need advice is my ex we were together for a year..lived together for 6 months. now we are broken(it was a rough break up on both our sides) up about 8 months.. the first 4 weeks after the was NC after that it was a few messages here and there which progressed to phone calls which progressed to talking nearly every single day exchanging pictures etc.. then it just stopped and she blocked me on everything.. then about 6 weeks ago i get a text saying.. i dont want to be the bad guy i don't want it like this..so we started talking again.. and the topic of relationships came up she told me she slept with some guy and his body and were way better then mine, i stopped texting her..till tonight when emotions got the better of me...she knows i still have feelings for her even thought i try to suppress them deep down i still love her.. but i cant figure out if she still has feelings for me.. she says she doesnt.. but the signs just dont add up...i know im not providing a lot of context here so ask for more if you think it ill help

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She is telling you she doesn't have feelings for you. LISTEN to her. Also she's a jerk for comparing you to other men. And she's a jerk for dragging your heart around behind her when she knows you still have feelings for her.


Stop being in contact with her. You aren't giving yourself enough space to move on and heal.

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