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Was I just asked out on a date by a girl?


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Hey! Ok, so here a bit of background...


I have a best friend who is a girl and we used to hang out lots and all go out and she ended up moving to Norway...Her best friend (the girl that asked me out) I have known maybe 2 years, but have never actually just hung out 1-2-1. I know that when she first met me she told my best friend she thinks I am cute, but whatever, nothing was ever moved forward.... When my best friend had a going away party last month I went to buy everyone a round of drinks and as I was buying the girl who wrote me actually came from me from behind and started trying to dance with me and grabbed onto me kind of....but in maybe a funny kinda way....


Anyways, so yesterday she writes me (I have to translate because I moved to Europe and she is writing me in a foreign language) -


Ahoj ] zajtra po robote nemáš čas ? ] = Hello Tomorrow after work do you have time?


and then since I said I am busy already, she wrote


No chcela som ist s tebou sadnut ale tak mozeme budúci tyzden ] meviem ci tu budem cez vikend dam vediet ] = Well, I wanted to go with you somewhere to sit down but so we can next week I am not sure if I will be here during the weekend but I will let you know "


I am actually cool with making new friends....I just never had a chance yet to actually get to know her without being with a bunch of other people etc.... What do u tihnk?

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It does kinda sound like it, but then again it could have been just to hang out, who knows? But knowing Eastern European girls, they do tend to be more forward than their western sisters. I say go for it even if you are not romantically interested. What can it hurt?

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