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Need help ASAP!!


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So me and my ex broke up over a week ago, and we have been in no contact for a week now. But before the breakup, when we were still together, I sent him some money because he had none at that time. I didn´t give him that money so he could give it back to me, but now he has sent them back to me. I don´t want the money, thats the last thing I need from him, so what should I say?


I was thinking about saying: I have no need for the money, I did not send them to you so you could give them back. And then I send the money back. If he replies with: just take them, and sends them back again, I was planning on not answering that at all and just let i be.


What do you guys think????

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Sending it back like that would be you insulting him by implying that he is such a poor broke slob, you don't think he can afford to pay back what you gave him. It's good that you didn't expect to be paid back, but you were. Accept it gracefully. If you are just looking for an excuse to contact him, then a simple thank you would be better.

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