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Starting a new relationship


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So it's a long story but I'll try and make it as short as possible.


I met a girl last year we hung out but she was weeks out of an abusive relationship it started off well dating and making out a lot then it went distant and she went back to her x. They split up again 6 months ago and then about 2 months ago she messaged me, we have hung out since and we txt every day. We haven't got physical we kiss a lot but nothing more as she has said she needs to be on her own and heal as she doesn't want to be a ty girlfriend. I've asked her outright if she could see herself with me which she replies "I can it scares me how comfortable I am around you how I can tell u anything how u can make me laugh one minute and if I'm sad comfort me the next. I'm scared to get feelings for u as I know how often u fall for a girl then leave them after you have slept with them" that was my past and it's different with her we talk everyday we will speak on the phone for an hour st night about basically nothing and we will be laughing our heads off.


We are going away next weekend just us 2 for a few days she said "I'm not going to sleep with u" to which I replied "I'll get a room with 2 beds" she said "don't need to do that just one bed will be fine" I really like the girl I've never really felt this way about anyone and she's a closed book with her emotions. I thought she was trying to set me up with her cousin last week and when I asked if that's what she was doing she replied with "absolutely not" I'm more than happy to take it slow I'm not sure if she's interested or if she just sees me as a friend

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I think you're the rebound guy, the practice boyfriend. The nice guy who finishes last. And at some point she could dump you for another abusive relationship. I think you have to prepare yourself for the eventuality that she's just using you and that it's not going to go anywhere. Oh, and I would get 2 rooms for your weekend together. She shouldn't have all the benefits of a relationship without having an actual relationship.

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