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Hot and cold


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Well first you need to understand the background and assess....


Does this person care about ya in other ways outside of texting?


If yes, then assume the best and that person is busy



I myself can be busy at times and often friends will sometimes just blow up my phone and want to chat....I'd much rather talk in person and get things done so there's no way I will stop all I'm doing to send texts and emojs back and forth...


Now if you had a date and the person takes every time a few hours to reply, it is either they are not interested, busy, or you are texting a bit much...


I tend to think that unless you are in a relationship, texting and calling should be for setting dates...it's better to build a relationship in person IMO

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Texting behaviour... why do some people text and call all day one day, then the next day they don't even read the messages, even though they are on line?


Cause they don't want to get into a pattern of texting every day, that gets exhausting especially all day long.


It doesn't mean anything other than that in my opinion.


I would advise that after an awesome day of texting, calling, connecting, give it a rest for a few days.


Go live your life, stay busy with friends or whatever, and try to not over-think it.


Like I said, texting every day, especially all day gets super exhausting and burns people out.


When they're ready to chat again, he/she will read the message and respond.


Don't push it!



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Just relax! Not every day of texting should be the same! Leave it alone and let there be spontaneous, elements of surprise! People get busy. And, just because you "think" they should be communicating with you because you see them active on social media doesn't mean much. They likely have other friends, too, that they are keeping up with.

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