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I just don't understand.


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My ex wife and I have been separated for 2.5 years now. The long and short of the separation was that she gave me the classic "I love you, but, I'm not in love with you." line.


We still talk and we have hung out a few times and there are no bad feelings, besides sadness, between us.


She wanted to get our divorce through the court in her hometown, fine with me, but she has yet to get it all finalized. I pushed her for it and I met her in her town. We did not end up doing the paperwork but spent 10 hours talking and enjoying each other's company. After I got home she messaged me saying how good of a day it was. She wants me to come back next week and, during our day together, invited me to Thanksgiving with her family expressing how much she wants me to be there and how happy it would make her family since they miss me so much.


I love this woman, I truly do, and I know she loves me as well. We have expressed as much to each other many times.


My question?


What is happening?

I like to think that this is her trying to reconcile our marriage but I also know that it may be just wishful thinking. She wants me in her life, this I know, but as a friend? More?


During our conversations she said she wants to travel with me to see my family, go on vacation together, and spend more time together. I don't know what to think...

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You could always get remarried after your divorce. I know two couples who did (one is currently getting re-divorced).


I do still plan on getting the divorce. She is not my wife anymore, even though the paper work says differently. Our marriage ended a couple years ago we just have this formality left.

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