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I don't feel trans but...

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I hate it when people say i am "confused" because no I am not. I remember I truly started feeling this way 3 years ago. Although i have always felt this way, it is just 3 years ago I found out the name for this and it all really related to how i have been feeling before then.


I don't feel 100% like a guy or 100% like a girl. Actually if i'm being honest, I don't feel comfortable with society's girl sterotypes and society's guy sterotypes. I can relate to both genders though like i have friends who are girls and guys and just because of their gender doesn't matter to me I treat them the same etc.. it is just I feel super uncomfortable getting "gendered" as either gender. I feel super uncomfortable with the sterotypes of genders too.


No I'm not a "tumblr person like oh there are 100s of genders." I don't think that is true. But I just do not feel 100% like either gender. Does anyone else feel this way too?


My parents and family members don't understand this and none of my friends do either. My friends refuse to understand as they think anyone who feels this way is just a "tumblr user trying to feel unique" although I am not and those tumblr people make me feel uncomfortable to.


I guess I'm just wanting to see who can relate to this?

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