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Trying to become sexually attracted to nice guy


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not sure if anyone experienced this before....

Im with someone, whom is a bit older, real nice guy, not the smartest, but still sweet. Im a college student, work, but dont make much, i help with whatever i can. He always wants sex, but i wont not only because i am not sexually attracted, but he does not please me AT ALL. Not only does he have a small and skinny penis, but can not get hard..... so nothing really happens, he just humps me like a rabbit while i lay there....

its actually kind of sad. He is 46, i am 28, and he has never had a relationship.

And i should mention, that he is literally OBSESSED with me

I love sex, but dont know what to do

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Though I agree that you shouldn’t be with him if you’re not sexually attracted to him at all; never were and you don’t imagine there’s potential to be, I think you need to fully understand the whole picture. There are many situations where people are very sexually attracted to someone and that someone is using them and treating them like crap. You hear these situations all the time, yet people stay in hopes that they will change. Your situation is the flip side of the same coin. Obviously, you want a complete and balanced coin and I think you’ve given it enough time to understand that it’s not and likely will never be.

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So he lost his virginity to you? You must be getting something from this individual even if it's something weird and unhealhty, you are still with him. He wants sex all the time but cannot get hard??? You love sex but are with a man that you don't have sex with? Something isn't adding up.........

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