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  1. Hello everyone, It's good to be back haven't been here in forever. I have an upcoming interview for "Clinic Coordinator" position and would like any tips. My experience is being Direct Support Provider for special needs kids at an afterschool program( which was very mentally taxing and bad management), a Lab Tech working the processing of bio samples, private tutoring of kids (typical and autistic) , I have a bachelor's degree in Science. This agency is about "foster care" and the position organizes the patient's medical/therapy appts and works with insurance. This is a summary from the post: "The Medicaid Treatment and Discharge Planning Coordinator (Clinic Coordinator) organizes the exchange of health information, treatment planning, discharge planning, and documentation for cases assigned to him/her. This includes arranging for medical escorts, transportation and supervision to health care appointments in the community. This position maintains all clerical and clinical documentation" and Minimum Requirements Associate’s degree or higher required. Proficient in Microsoft Office Minimum of two years of work experience in the field of mental health or child welfare. Spanish-speaking preferred. Strong organizational, verbal and written communication skills Ability to multitask So how can I show them in the best way that I am organized and can multi-task (seems to me that these are very important traits) Thanks
  2. Actually it was three men haha..! I just think everyone I met lately was just trying to do "end of the year" or "new years" hook-up. Because that same night on my train back home, this man who was 41 started talking to me and followed me out to my stop and we talked and ended up kissing and he suggested to go back to his place..haha
  3. Yeah Wiseman, I agree, but a guy telling me that isn't going to get me in bed with him!
  4. Hi everyone, y'all probably know me from my long-standing post on sex and romance section. This post is about "dating" and meeting people in bars, cafes etc. Last night I was out with my friend and we met these two guys. I know, I know dating these days can go any way..so you have to keep an open mind... so this guy seemed to like me..telling me I'm gorgeous like about 3 times throughout the night, saying like "you're so gorgeous"...etc and we kissed a bit, at like 2 am we ate a snack at a diner, sharing the same plate, anyways..my friend had went back home, and this guy and his friend were about to go back to their apt. and were asking me to join them, but I wasn't looking for random sex with someone I just met(knowing me from my other post, it wouldn't be exactly a good idea), so I took the train home. SO the next day, I get a text "it was nice meeting you yesterday :)" , I responded "Hey! yeah same, it was fun hanging out" then he replied, "what are you upto?" and then I don't know if this was too "dull" of an answer but i said "just chilling with family, gonna have dinner out later, and you?" then he said 'i just had some pho soup just chilling at the appt now" , after that I just commented on something that happened throughout the night and that "your friends apt looked so nice" because before they left his friend was showing me pics of his apartment in manhattan when they were asking me to come along with them, and I finished the text with "any plans for New Years" to which he just responded "haha I forgot about that" I know one can't expect much with dating these days, but did I seem "disinterested" or maybe I was not "exciting"?
  5. It sounds like you were getting more out of living together than he was. Is this due to financial reasons? So you think now that he is moving out he won't "pay you back?" I think it's wise of him to want to move out, otherwise he won't become independent.
  6. Thank you very much for your response Lo. It's like I am "being someone" I'm not, "acting" like a female that likes and is into casual sex, but I'm really not. I guess I'm not extremely physically attracted to this guy, although I'm more attracted physically than interpersonally/emotionally. I got your message as start loving myself and don't compare to anyone, then life will fall into place. Maybe I don't need a therapist but it would be nice to have someone to talk to about all this "taboo" stuff, it's too awkward with most my family and my friend. My mom knows but we don't talk about it much and actually today I had an emotional outburst...she found a condom (unused) we got from a clinic a while ago and she said "here for you, so when you go on a bumble date, you never know" and somehow this bothered me that I started crying and screaming and we couldn't go to the place we were headed to. It just hurt me...because I feel the opposite...I don't feel like I really want to do that, and the last times I did I didn't even enjoy it.
  7. Yes you should move out. I don't think your brother will take your help. Your brother lives at home? He is being enabled by your family.
  8. She doesn't offer anything towards the issue because she DOES NOT CARE.
  9. I think your intuition is right. You do feel that your relationship is seen as a SAFETY NET by her. She is making it not seem like cheating by "breaking up" with you before she does it, only to just come back after. Why are you getting the uneasy feeling again? What has she said that she is disatisfied by your relationship?
  10. I believe this "sexual problem" correlates with my life conditions. No job, not much motivation...living with family (right now mom, sister and grandma), no actual boyfriend ever, today is a day I wake up and feel exasperated about my condition. I am messaging therapists but recently thought I might as well see a hypnotherapist, which is like talk therapy but deeper, to the subconscious. It's just hard...this can be really really hard...
  11. Hi Bluecastle, Yes and no. The different part is that I dated someone new after my "ex", but the actual sex act I was numb. Some of the "foreplay" was enjoyable at times. This is the second guy I have been with sexually. I had to take a break after 2 and a half months because I wasn't "feeling it", I felt like I was doing the whole thing just to do it...almost like I was sorta "emotionless" thru out the whole time, I was sort of feeling elated the first 2/3 weeks but then it's like his texts to see me again started to feel like an obligation...or like a bother. I don't think there was much compatibility, he is older, 41 years old and he lied about his age when I first met him. My mom suggested I don't tell him about my sex issue, saying it will get "better with time" and that the "goal" is to have a man at my side to go thru life. But to me that is kinda crazy...it's kind of like I'm keeping that from him..like I'm "lying"??? I don't want to do that in a relationship...but I also feel I cannot tell him or ANY MAN about it. Hell, I cannot tell ANY PERSON. But I don't want a bad sex life or pretend just to have a "relationship"
  12. Oh so your issue isn't as "severe" as mine. I don't seem to "ease up" no matter how many times we do it. I am still "frozen". So the first few times with a new partner...do you feel/enjoy it at all?
  13. She could tell me from her past experience, if she so wishes. But yeah, I do feel I should see a therapist. I just ask because it's a taboo subject and not many people can relate and honestly can feel very lonely.
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