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I stumbled onto this site today; sure wish I had found it a month ago when my wife and I split up after 6 years!


I've read a lot of the posts and they've helped me greatly with what I'm going through personally right now. I just wanted to say to everyone who is coming here full of emotional angst and pain, stay strong and keep fighting!


Breakups can seem like the worst thing in the world, that your entire life is ending, that you are lonely and isolated and have no one to fall back on emotionally. But there is really such a tremendous opportunity ahead I feel. An opportunity to re-assess who you are and what you want in a partner, to re-examine what you want in your life. Focus on the positives and stay strong!

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For sure!!! My breakup has really made me wake up in terms of my life. My goals and future plans and aspirations that have been on hold for the past year are now starting to fill my mind once again. I have been trying to better myself by working out daily and watching what I eat (granted that my appetite has been lost since the breakup). Basically I am starting to think about what can better myself instead of my ex-partner.

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