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Girldriend rarely communicates with me anymore


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My girlfriend and I have been going out for a long time now and things use to be amazing and we would talk on the phone everyday and text eachother alot and we we're very emotional and having loving and intimate talks.


But now it's like pulling hair trying to talk to her. She won't answer my calls, maybe less than 10% she would answer so I've stopped calling her all together and just let her call me if she is feeling it. We never text anymore either and I stopped texting her first because she would either not respond and ignore it completely or try and start up a different dead end conversation on a different platform, like send me a pointless snapchat of her cat so I know she isn't doing anything. She doesnt do anything at all but acts like she is super busy.


All she does is go to work and then go home and lay in bed and watch movies or sit on facebook and it pisses me off. She wastes so much if her time and day on facebook everyday and then complains that she doesnt have time to do anything or that she wishes she had time to get stuff done but is always too busy or doesn't have time. Yet she has time so sit on facebook for hours a day.


Things have gotten so much worse since she started her new job. That's kind of when this all started. Shes always saying shes too stressed all the time to talk and just wants go go home and be alone and not talk to anyone. Claims she just wants to "Not human for a while" whatever that means. And pisses me off because she's just lazy and doesn't try and just gives up.


She has been putting little to no effort at all into our relationship and it makes me extremely sad. She said she was going to try harder and kept saying that things will get better but they haven't and I don't know if I believe her anymore. Granted she did try harder but only for the first two days after she said she was going to try harder and then everything went back to normal.


I was going to ask her to move in with me until this new job happened and now she never wants to see me or talk to me and just wants to be alone all the time.


She s antisocial and has depression and this job has been lowering her self confidence significantly and has even told me that, but she won't leave and she s not happy doing what she is doing there. Shes a hair stylist but wants to be a colorist and do nails but has to do hair styling for a year ir two before theyll let her do color and nails. I honestly dont think i can put up with this for two years. She's so horrible lately and not the person I fell in love with.


I'm waiting in hopes that things will get better and it will go back to how it was but I am very much doubting that especially as of late. Apparently seeing me for 12 hours once a week is too much for her and she wanted to take a break. She makes absolutely no sense to me right now and is so childish and immature. I contemplate if it's because she is privileged and her dad pays for everything for her and grew up kind of a rich kid and I am completely the opposite and grew up woth nothing and had to work my ads off for everything I've ever had or wanted.


It also annoys me how I have to always pay for everythingng when we do hangout because she wastes her money on stupid she doesnt need. She's been buying so much new clothes for her new job that she doesnt really need and it's really annoying and then wastes money on other useless stuff. Which makes me scared of moving in with her because her money management is dreadful and feel like she's always going to look to me for money or her dad.


When we do go out she wants to do nothing, everything I suggest and think of she shoots down and says she doesnt want to do that or is not feeling it and that is how it constantly is every time now. There is honestly no pleasing her. All she wants to do is lay in bed and watch movies and when I suggest that she says no it'll put her in a bad mood, like what do you possibly want to do? And every time her answer is I don't know. I get absolutely no help from her what so ever. It's tiresome and makes me feel incompetent like I can't please her and she doesnt enjoy her time with me.


She said a month ago that she is tired and bored, referring to our relationship and I'm assuming her life as well. She has told me she hates her life right now. There's no helping her and the more I try the worse thongs seem to get. She tells me not to try and to stop trying and have even asked her what's wrong in our relationship so we can work on it and have her put in mroe effort to try and make it better because it takes two for a relationship to work work just one person giving their All and more. All she had to say was that's not fair, she doesnt want to and that she doesnt have the energy or will to right now. Whatever that means.


I'm sorry for how long this is I'm just going through a very rough time right now and I have just been so angry all week and hating her and we're hangingout tomorrow but I'm afraid I'm going to be so mad and not really want to see her, as I'm super mad at this moment and don't know what to do and have no close friends to turn and talk to and my parents are alcoholics so I literally have no one I can ever really talk to or get close to except for her.


She just keeps making this worse too by never responding to me even though I know She s on her phone because I can see her on Facebook! Like what is wrong with you that you won't talk to me but you'll sit there and look at stupid stuff on facebook forever!


I apologize again for how long this is, I'm so very angry right now and I can't sleep, I very much need some help and advice, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you for reading all this and I very much appreciate and am very greatful for anything you could say to me to help me through this and any advice you may have.


Thank you,


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I'm sorry OP, but your relationship is coming to an end.


She has checked out and appears completely uninterested in trying to make it work. You can't carry this by yourself, nor should you try to keep pleasing her when it's never reciprocated.


I would call it a day so you can move on. It's pretty clear she doesn't want to be there anymore but doesn't have the stones to come out and say it.

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She has lost interest,,Im sorry to tell you that but its true,,she hasnt said"its over" but it will be,,no effort,,no interest,,nothing back,,I think you should leave it,,even though you love her the love isnt coming back which is sad but you deserve to be with someone that loves you equally,,maybe your girlfriend is depressed too because she doesnt want to admit it to herself that she would be better off letting you go?Im sorry that your in this situation

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