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She dumped me very badly . i am torn into pieces. Help me please. Thanks.

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After university I got a job. There I met a girl , we became friends , then best friends.she called me bestoo, I called her bestie. After 8 months of friendship I started liking her. I told her this. She respected this. She said she also likes me but I was younger than her. What so ever. We shared love. We did love talks, flirting, stomach butterflies happened and everything. She agreed that no one can love her more than me. We were extremely close with each other and I was madly in love. One day she said it feels wrong and she asked me to remain friends only. I did. After some time again feelings developed and she said I can talk to her parents for her marriage . time passed. Her birthday came. I did all the efforts. She appreciated but after her birthday she started giving cold shoulder to me. Earlier she uses to express her love. Then even I expressed she didnt return or say anything. Whenever I talked about marriage she avoided the topic. Then she started ignoring me. She didn't reply to my texts saying that she was busy. Though she was online on WhatsApp most of the time. I forgot to mention I left that job at the time we were friends. This love thing happened after that. So because of her behaviour o became in secured and became Kore clingy. Always series her attention by any means. She started insulting me . ignored me. And talked to me about how guys are hitting on her. She talked about 8 guys in the last four months. Finally she told me there is one guy at work who is talking to her for a week and he is very nice and etc. I became mad. I asked her you know I love you why are you giving other guys attention. She said it isn't like this and I am thinking too much. Finally I got the guys number and stalked both of them I got to know they have been talking all day. She read my texts and didn't respond. Finally I asked her do you want to marry me or not. She said she isn't interested in me. She said I am too much.too caring. Too expressive and she doesnt like it. It was she who loved all this before. I was very sad and mad. I tried to convince her. She didnt listen .she said bye you have lost me. Out of frustration I told all this to our mutual friend. She knows her for a lot more time than she knows me. I shared everything and asked her help me move on. She never helped me instead told every thing to her. My ex told her that this is all a lie. We were never together. The friend insulted me and said you lied about this. And my ex became angry she said I broke her trust and she doesnt want me in her life anymore. She blocked me. It has been a month now. None of us has contacted each other. she still talks to that new guy all the time. Please help me tell me what should I do to gain my self respect and teach her a lesson that she did wrong and o want to move on. Please please help me. Thanks a million.

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She sounds like a real class act.


@OP you didn't lose anything with this woman, trust me. The way she treated isn't normal, by any means. This a person who doesn't have the least of human decency. Please, stay comfortable and HAPPY (I really mean it, you should be HAPPY) that this woman isn't a part of your life anymore. Can you imagine what she's going to do to the next poor guy she meets?


I wouldn't want to be in his shoes.

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