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How to inspire/tell someone to get serious/Call them out without being too confrontational?


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The title is pretty much the questions.



I feel like I'm getting my life in line...getting a new job, moving to a new place, learning a new thing or two everyday. Now, I feel like I'm in more of a position to be there for those that I care about.


One thing I want to do is be someone inspirational...Making a difference, being a positive change in this world...Somehow...Like going on a medical mission trip is on my bucket list.


One of my friends is going through some personal problems right now. He's a wreck and hurting a lot. I wasn't able to be there as much I would like to because of my own personal issues. The thing is I feel like overtime due to his issues he has adopted the "I don't give a fk" attitude, and turned to projecting his emotions into something destructive and not really giving a about other's feelings. While I tried to talk to him in a positive way, he said he's just a ty person now and that I shouldn't talk to him again.


I also have someone close and dear to my heart, who throughout the last few years, has become super unmotivated, not really knowing what he wants in life, etc. There have been recent things that he has done that affected a few people around him and I'd like to call him out on these things because he has no idea and seems to be ignorant that his actions come with consequences. I'm not sure if the people in his daily life looks out much for him. He thinks he has fked up his life and lost that motivation, so now just simply getting by. I see so much potential in him where he doesn't see it.



And I feel like I should say something. I know you can't change someone who doesn't want to change, but I also feel like I want to sit down with them and have some sort of heart-to-heart discussions but I don't want to come off as too confrontational or like telling them what to do.




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I'm sorry, but for me the question is too general. I don't know enough about the background or the situation to tell whether you would be helping someone or butting into their lives. Generally, I would say to meet up with someone at a bar, give them a few drinks (or other intoxicants) and have them talk about their feelings and what's going on in their lives. Keep in mind that some people want to be miserable for a period of time, and any overt advice might be taken the wrong way.

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