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I really need help i ed up big time


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So me and my ex were together for 7 years


10 months since we broke up...

we've been like up and down "just friends"

but I want him back


last Thursday he was calling me too much to apologize for what he did

and saying that he loves me and misses me and want to see me

and wants to talk


so the next day I saw him

we were in the pool with group of his friends and him


I was high on drugs and drunk a little

I said too many things

I disrespected him too much like he doesn't exist

I didn't know what I'm doing that's not me

I reaaaalllllllly ed uppppp big timeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love him so much

and I dont wanna lose him again


2 days after he called me

he told me u treated me like

no respect

no appreciation

and blaming everything on me

he was so pissed and the idea of breaking up with me is right

he told me I was in process to get you back but

after this you have to forget it


so now I want to show him that I respect him

and that I love him so much

and interested in me again ...


I dont know what to do please help


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I can't help but be a little dumbfounded that your ex was basically giving you exactly what you wanted, and yet you would choose to be in a state that would not help your situation at all. Why did you decide to attend this event either high/inebriated or choosing to get high/inebriated there?


I think if this is the way you decided to behave, then maybe being apart from him and having more time to work on your personal issues is the better route for you. Whether or not this is an unforgivable act is for him is essentially out of your hands, so you need to focus on what you can control.

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