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Over the last 11 years I have had a semi platonic male friend.

We have been on & off over the last 11 years, supported each other through hardship, relationships and illness and have finally decided to try a romantic relationship. We are currently together however we have previously had several relationship discussions before & have wanted different things, such as having children; I have subsequently had a child with someone else.

My issue is that despite intense love and care for this person, I have quite intense trust and jealously issues which I have never previously had in any other relationship. This is not me. Through the years I have seen this man cheat and manipulate several girlfriends & female friends, but More often than not this was for him to see or be with me both platonically and romantically. These past conquests often make a reappearance via social media, texts etc. He tells me he loves me & is caring & affectionate which I reciprocate genuinely, but we also still have our old relationship with insulting rude and dark banter. I am struggling to juggle both aspects.

To top it off this person and myself feel he may be on the sociopathic spectrum. Any advice ?!

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What makes you think he's a sociopath? You were cheating with him too.


I can understand why you would have a hard time trusting someone you watched break relationship agreements with his partners over and over again. But that doesn't make him a sociopath... that just makes him bad at being monogamously partnered.


Has he changed? What makes you think he'll treat you differently then his pervious pattern of behavior?

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Sociopaths have trouble with their emotions and usually don't care about anybody else but themselves. They're not the kind of people most would want to have a relationship with. You've already seen him behave badly. He'll do the same to you. I would be careful with him.

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