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What should I do?


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Hi I am 29 and about 3 years ago, my boyfriend and I started talking again after 11 years. We had previously dated in our teens. Since then we've both been in bad relationships and wanted to start over because we felt we never got the chance as kids to have a real relationship. My boyfriend drinks to excess and doesn't work. He's tried to get work but because he has a bit of a rough background, finds it hard to receive employment. The first year was really great. We hardly ever fought and we lived on and off with his mom. Now we live with her again but he cusses me up 1 side and down the other. I want things to work out but I can't trust that he will ever find employment and I can't trust that he will not cuss at me. It hurts because he's always so apologetic and then is a repeat offender. I want to hold on because I've never loved anyone so strongly. What should I do?

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It sounds like a pretty poor relationship. Is he your idea of a boyfriend? Let's see. No job. Lives with his mother. Constantly makes excuses. Is a drunk. Is a repeat criminal. Swears at you and treats you like dirt. Is controlling you by being nice one minute and a demon the next. This is no Prince Charming.


If you want this kind of a life. Fine. But it seems like you're in a bad relationship and don't know it. The sex can't be that great that you're willing to put up with this. And are you also supporting him and his mom too? Hmm.


You've still got time. Find someone who will treat you like the nice, loving person you are.

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