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My bf of 2 years left me a week before I had our child. The child was planned, and we were happy/excited and he would tell me all the time how much he loved me and how me and this baby were completing his life.nothing seeing out of sorts with our relationship until two weeks before. We had been rocky a week before that because of an argument we've had. I said some hurtful things because I felt that he just didn't care about how I was feeling and at 9 months pregnant I was very hormonal. A week later he left me and told me to go back to my moms. He was there every night with me at the hospital after I had the baby (4 nights) and said we could try to reconcile , so I went back to his house with him for a whole 4 days and he told me I could live there but he did not want a relationship with me and was not in love with me anymore . He has blamed me for All of this and saying that we just don't work anymore but it was so out of the blue & talk about bad timing I just don't know what to think . He has gone back and fourth between saying he wasn't happy with me , and then says that he never fell out of love he runs from Relationships and needs therapy and wants to fix us.i just don't know what to think and I don't even think he knows what he is doing . I am less upset as I was when we broke up almost 5 months ago but I still have no closure . He thinks he did nothing wrong as he still wants to see the baby and take her overnight . He sees nothing wrong with running and breaking up our family. He says you only have one life and he just wasn't happy nbd. He has caused me so much pain and depression I'm not sure if I can ever forgive him and co parent like nothing is wrong like he wants. I just don't know how to act or what to think anymore

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