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Me and this girl went to the same grade school she was in the grade below, and I knew of her but we never really spoke, a few years after highschool I'm

With a buddy that was in her class and I also met him in the same grade school. Her and I started talking and became great friends, she invited me to her party and somehow she winded up cuddling with me that night. Later on we became gym buddies started partying down the shore a lot and she always came into my bed to cuddle, there was other guys she always choose me. We dated for 6 months things were great and we were still always together and basically lived together. Things got rough and we stopped talking for 6 months until one day she asked to meet for coffee. The only problem during all this was the very same

Buddy I walked in that store with and Remet her with was trying to push us apart. I did everything I even asked him if he liked her, which he denied so I don't understand why he was pushing us away. During the coffee meet her and I clicked instantly like the 6months nc never happened, we were soon hanging out all the time going to concerts and even went down the shore to party for the 4th. She came onto me we hooked up. None of our friends know about that but I later find out this buddy of mine is telling her to stay away from me again. So now she's telling me it's not a good idea to hang out everyday. I am really upset and idk what to do. This girl is important to me we know so much about each other and everyone pushes us apart. It's driving me crazy. We were talking about being fwb since our relationship didn't work out I miss it everyday and would love to fix it. But most of our problems are because these people push us away and idk what to do. Idk If I should cut all ties with her or say everyone and continue to make this relationship with her work as friends

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