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  1. Sorry folks, basically my question was if she was purposely talking about her bf loud enough so I’d purposely hear it? Sadly I still see her, so it’s pretty damn hard to fully move on and I never really wanted it to end. I feel as if now she is now rubbing it in my face that her new relationship is excellent no fighting. It’s truly making me feel terrible cause I wanted that with her 2 almost 3 years ago we were pretty good friends. I pushed her to let me take her out cause I saw nothing was going to be a surprised we knew each other and we would have nothing to fight about. We rekindled some
  2. Ugh so today work begins and she’s here today and I noticed she was constantly around me offering help and just everywhere I went she was right there. So she starts talking to someone as I’m beside her maybe it wasn’t purposely but knowing her I truly believe it was. She starts saying how next month she’s planning vacation with her bf and blah blah blah I’d walk away and begin talking to someone and she’d move closer than she stops that convo and starts busting my chops about nonsense.
  3. I think a lot of it has to do with last year I look back this time last year I was with her almost starting dating again from concerts and spending my bday and the 4th down the shore. Stupidly we got drunk and hooked up a few times one time just had a long talk and we kissed and it really sucks cause I hate that I lost all that. I talk to new girls but nothing crazy. They ask to hang and I’m just like eh where as if my ex asked me id drop everything to be with her. I wish there was some one before her so every little thing she did didn’t get me upset and turn into a fight I’m sick about it but
  4. The problem is I was doing fine for 6 months I had my days but yesterday and today the feelings are very strong
  5. At times I feel it’s memories too, but I also have days were I am so sick cause I hate the thought of being with someone else. I wasn’t the best. She was my first real realationship so I expressed my sadness with anger at times with certain things I see weren’t a big deal. Other than that we were basically a married couple always together, slept together every night went to work and repeat. It kills me knowing she could end up with this man but it also kills me cause even if I could Idk if I could take her back after she’s been with someone else i just feel so sick out of nowhere about her all
  6. Very true sweet girl you think she was seeing how a date would go or something? Also idk why she’s still only in her early 20s her new bf is mid 20s and I’m lately I can’t stop thinking about them getting married is that ridiculous or idk why all sudden a few months later It’s like the whole break up all over again only the break up was a year ago rekindled 6 months later from that stupidly hooked up went n/c again realized I wanted her in my life now here we are 😞
  7. I’m literally sick to my stomach about it, we were friends and she forgets my bday? The wound feels so fresh and it kinda makes me miss the past that much more I never wanted to lose her
  8. Pretty broken today, I guess Cause I still care for her. We had developed a friendship after our break up. Although she has moved on with someone new we were able to remain friendly. I wished her hbd a few months ago and recently mine had just last and nothing. So I guess I remain broken cause I still had hope she cared? I know she doesn’t have to but I thought we were friends and it pretty much feels like crap
  9. Any reason she did all that while talking to this guy did I push her closer to him cause she kept asking me to go out and I kept rejecting the invitations? She seemed bitter about it and made a video. Now she’s noisy and kinda interacts with me at work and social media nothing crazy but idk
  10. Recently I’ve been thinking about my ex. We left off on weird terms were she was talking to a guy (dating him now) but while talking she’d send me pics of us and asked me to go out to eat at our favorite resturant when we were dating, I rejected her on all her request to meet up she made a video talking about me and a few days later starting dating this guy lol. I’ve seen her a few days ago and she was really noisy about a new job opprunity I have while talking to a buddy about it. I’ve been dating but nothing serious I liked this one girl but things were awkward so we both kinda called it of
  11. Hey guys so we went out, to this bar/restaurant it went well we were laughing etc. she wasn’t really a girl I was close with but I talked to her last time I seen her was at a party than out at a bar I bought her a drink. She didn’t refuse to let me pay for her so was it a date or???
  12. So there’s this girl from highschool I’ve seen her not to long ago at a party and we caught up I was friendly with her in school. We exchanged contacts and I’ve been talking to her every now and than. Today we were talking and I told her I would love to catch up and she asked if I’d maybe want to get dinner tomorrow is this asking me to go on a date or???!
  13. Yup I know the song she likes it so I don’t listen to it
  14. Ugh!!!!! I know I recently posted about moving on to that new car and I’m still chugging along but ughhh. I help my buddy it’s an outside job so we listen to music and such. Now this job is only when I’m free so it’s in no way my future or whatever it’s my buddies business who I help. He’s a country song guy so this one song comes on called break up in the end and ouch!! This song put me right in the feels not in a good way so people who recently broke up with their partner DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS SONG! Super sad and puts ya in the feels. It may have also hurt a little more cause back when I dat
  15. Where are you located I need a girl like you in my life
  16. It’s okay to be in love with the memories , and one day you will be ready to go on dates and explore. It’s funny cause right before my ex started dating this guy she would want me to compliment her and asked me to take her to our favorite place while we dated I rejected it all and a few days later she was with him. You’ll move on just Think he doesn’t wanna move forward keep that as a thought find some one who will or stop talking to him and make him miss u
  17. Damn you sound like a lot of fun I’m a drag racer so it’s all straight lines for me I like speed and going fast, pushing the car to limits, circuit is fun to but I like going as fast as I can in the short amount of time I can!!! Right now I have a car that goes 7seconds at 184mph!!!
  18. Hey sweet girl, it’s for both short and long term I know it’s never easy. But that sounds awesome is it a circuit or dragstrip? I have a local drag strip where they also have a place to drive exotic cars for a few 100 bucks!
  19. So a few days ago I found myself on the phone with my ex girlfriend I’m not sure why but she called, as far as I know she’s still with the new guy but either way I really don’t care we had a good convo, and seeing we were on good terms I wished her a happy birthday few days later, but I am officially moved on and don’t feel mad or hatred towards her I accepted and forgave the past . But the point of this ad is to help the recent break ups. I remember feeling lost and many of you probably know I was attached to the ex big time! I’m into cars so I’m going to kinda use them as a reference here bu
  20. So last night I took the new girl down to the shore it was great little cold but we talked and all looked at the beach etc. the only problem? It’s the same shore I use to live at with the ex so I had emotions running like crazy I didn’t let it ruin my fun with the new girl but I was realizing going was a bad idea, seeing all the places I use to go with her made me kinda miss the past with the ex and going down with our friends every weekend and partying it was a bit bittersweet mostly because I know the past is past and life has changed a lot since this girl loves the shore to but taking her o
  21. Well this thread is about my new Gf wanting me to post pics of us on my Instagram but she hasn’t wanted to post anything of me yet and it’s making me feel like she still wants the attention from guys like my ex so that’s why the ex was brought up idk maybe am I overreacting?
  22. Well when I say that I mean like traits that I look for in other girls cause I don’t want to date a girl like my ex ever again EVER
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