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Confused about breakup


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Hey Everyone,


I have been broken up from my girlfriend for nearly six weeks. When we broke up, we agreed to meet again in three months to see where things stood. The thing is, I am finding it very hard not to contact her. I think about her every day and my mind is driven crazy with what she may or may not be doing. How do I cope with not contacting her until then? Any honest advice would be much appreciated guys.



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Sorry, my post was a bit vague. What is confusing is that she told me she still loved me but needed to walk away to get her head straight. I was feeling insecure about the relationship because I still hadn't fully dealt with stuff that I had been hurt by in the past. This lead to anger on my part towards her because I perceived that she did not love me. We were only together six months but it felt longer as I truly believe she is the one for me. I am just confused by the seemingly uncaring way that she is doing all this with me and the clinical way that she suggested we just meet up in three months. I want her back yesterday.

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