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He likes me or he doesn't? What does he want?


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So here is my story. I encountered a guy at my university whom I have posted about before. I caught him staring at me when I was buying something at the student bar shop. He was sitting right behind us and I saw him look at me couple of times. This guy is a student representative, he is very popular and leader like and he is obsessed with political and social activism and causes and he is always protesting against the school’s managements.


I did not see him for the next 5 days but he was back on Monday as he was going to protest against the school’s management and throughout the time I saw him, he would continuously stare at me and he would look at me as if I was something special. I have never had any guy look at me in the way he looks at me. One time, he gave me such a piercing stare that I had to look away from him. Normally, I always meet his gaze but that day, I just couldn't. It was so intense.


By the next week, he suddenly became quite loud whenever he was around me. He would also visit the students centre where I frequently sit, quite a lot and would pretend he came there for some other reason but then I would catch him look at me. He also lied down in front of my seat and was talking on his phone. He also brought a bag which had wordings written in my native language and left it deliberately in the students centre.

All this time, he never initiated contact or talked. I tried smiling but he never smiled. All he did was stare and stare to the point where I started feeling weird about myself, as if I had something on my face.


Two days ago, I encountered him alone in the reception area and he was gazing at me fondly. It was a really loved up look and I cannot forget how pure his face appeared and I gave him a smile and surprisingly he returned my smile. He was heading to the library but he quickly picked up the smile and joined me towards the student centre and we talked about his protest and I congratulated him. Then he asked me if we met before and kept his arm on my shoulder and later on we shook hands and exchanged names. He left after that.


Throughout the day, he was again busy with library work and we only saw each other once and exchanged a smile.

However, today, I saw him with his friend and I was not keen to speak to him in front of his friend but we did see each other and he did not nod or say hi to me and went out straight away with his friend.

The next time I saw him was when he was near the crowd of protestors and I saw him looking over me but I went inside the school building so I did not know much.


Anyways, I do not understand one thing. This guy has never tried to get to know me or even schedule any personal time together. I mean I understand it’s just been 1 day we have personally spoken to each other but I am leaving this university for holidays within a week and will not be studying at this university for the next term and I do not have time for these delays.


The University I will go to is on the same campus as this university so there is no issue of being unable to meet him but I do not understand. All he does is stare. When he has no interest in getting to know me, why did he lead me on by giving stares? I had started to like him as well and I hoped we could build something special but I do not get his attitude. Also, it is very difficult to get him one on one as there is always someone near him. I haven’t been able to speak to him face to face again so I cant say if he will ignore me or talk to me. But I just don’t get it. What are his intentions??


I felt as if he prefers moments when we are completely alone and it's just us only then he can talk or say something. Why?

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Maybe he just likes to look at you; there are people that I tend to stare at, too. In fact when I was at university there was a guy that I stared at for two years.


Looking at you is hardly "leading you on". The fact remains that you don't know him at all, you've only had one conversation, and this sounds more like a crush than the start of building "something special". It's nice to have fond fantasies and daydream about people but it seems that you're reading a lot into inconsequential actions and mentally building this scenario into something it isn't. The fact he asked you if you'd met before suggests that he hadn't particularly noticed you; as a student representative it's part of his remit to communicate with other students about things like a protest which will affect all of you, so it makes sense that he'd talk to you about it.


The bit you need to know is this:

This guy has never tried to get to know me or even schedule any personal time together.


I'm sure there are plenty of guys who would LOVE to get to know you, and this is where your energy should be going. Daydreams and fantasies are lovely as long as you recognise them for what they are, but it looks as though you're starting to feel hurt and frustrated over this.

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