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Please look up threads written by "superdave71" to help with healing

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I remember hearing about him when someone wrote a thread about coping and how to act with your ex being with someone else.


Can you provide any links for his threads that you find relevant?



He has a lot of threads. You can look up his username, click on his username, and then click on "find threads started by Superdave" or something like that. You'll want to find threads started by him instead of threads that he simply posted a comment on - although, his comments are good, too. When you click on finding threads started by him, every thread and title that he started will show. Click on whichever title is relevant to your situation.


Eta: Let me see if this will work 4523522[/url]

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I edited my response to you with a link to access his threads. There are 2 pages worth and they are golden.


Thank you so much. I can't open the link but I'm already looking through those 2 pages to pick what I want to read.


What he writes might seem pure common sense, but the way he writes it makes it all seem perfectly clear. From what I've seen his advice is great for people struggling with NC. "If you do nothing, nothing can go wrong."

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