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A recent ex and I became friends again - new issue

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So we met in November, and began talking and facetiming everyday for a month. I'm 2 hours away at college, and shes in my hometown working part-time with classes on the side. At first when I met her I simply wanted to be friends, even though I found her extremely attractive and personality was the type I'm into, but I wasn't 100% over an ex from a couple months back, I told her this and she was fine with it.



We hungout more and more, and we did kiss etc (no sex). She visited me at my college and stayed the weekend and she ended up asking me out. I've never had a women ask me out before, but at the moment I said yes. I did care for her alot, and I did like her, just still felt hurt from ex. We dated for a couple weeks until I broke up with her, stating I just wasn't ready. I know I'm a jerk for saying yes in the first place, I do like her a lot just dealing with my own issues. She took it very hard, and we went no contact. My mom absolutely loved her and they kept contact through instagram, liking/commenting on each others photos.



4-5 months later I messaged her and asked her how she was doing etc, she almost instantly replied and seemed excited to talk to me. I'm home till August from college working full time. Literally next day she wanted to hangout, she came over to my house and we watched a few movies and then talked and laughed for an hour or two at a sonic drivethru. Few days go by just talking on texts and snapchat and facetime, and I ask to hangout again. Her family was going away this past weekend, and she was staying home alone so she asked me to come over Saturday. I came over early and we made breakfast together - pancakes etc, and watched a couple movies and her fav animated tv show. While hanging out we didn't flirt, and she made it clear earlier we are JUST FRIENDS. I am perfectly okay with this and I told her so. She then asked me to stay the night so we could just watch movies/tv all night ( i think shes afraid of being home alone, its a huge house). I said that sounded cool, then her phone started going off - one of her best friends just got broken up, called crying, so she said she'll message me later and I went home, she went to her friends.



I didn't get a message back until I messaged her how her friend was and she said "i dont know but I hope shes okay". so now it's Friday and I sent a message yesterday saying hey how're you doing, I know shes been going through alot with school ending, and stress and made comments earlier about not wanting be around anymore which scared me. No reply, so I called her an hour ago to see if everythings okay and it goes straight to voicemail, I realize I'm blocked. I go to snapchat and I'm blocked on there as well. I don't understand whats going on, I don't think I did anything wrong. What should I do? I honestly feel absolutely terrible about this. I messaged her on facebook today, and in a nice way asked whats going on, and what did I do and she simply read it and blocked me.


She also had a couple of my favorite shirts that I DO WANT, but I don't want to be the creepy person who shows up at her house demanding them back.

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