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grrrr the ex drives me crazy

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Ok. I'll try to make this as short and brief as possible. I don't know who is familiar with my story or not...


But basically the ex, broke up with me and drop me pretty quickly after we slip for the summer, 3 months..hours away from each other. After soo much of him being hot and cold towards me while at school- wanting and not wanting...He finally says, that he is too stressed to have a gf and knows himself, and knows he isn't ready for one right now, and cant think about someone else b4 himself. He says that gfs are complications- requiring work and stuff. MY probelm was how he came to this conclusion, bc months before he was the one who wanted to be more serious and he was very happy and content - and then all of a sudden it was this. Well my ex was very confused, and wanted ot try to get back together eventually..but the minute I got mad at him bc he did something really disrespectful -he just blows up on me and says it was a bad idea..


OK, so after more on and off-- more of him saying he misses me and wants to see me,, and then the few days lying low and not talking to me so much.. He eventually says that he regrets evrything he did to us, bc we'd probably still be together and maybe its just the wrong time, and if its meant to be it will be..and maybe our directions will cross again- he doesnt know if he's gonna lose me. OK. Well he tells me all of this 2 wks before summer again. Said he always had those feelings but never talked about it. Until now, 2 wks before summer. I think that his feelings sparked because of this dream he had with me in it, and it made him realize wat he missed it a stupid way. Well since summer was coming up again, he and I both agreed that it didn't make sense to start anything at the moment bc we were going to be leaving again. But we still spent a few more days together. And when we were together things were great. We got along well, felt the same chemistry. And we both say that somehting just ddoesn't wat to die out between us. When we said gbye, we didn't talk about how the summer was going to be. DIdnt talk about whether we'd speak or not.. He is the kind of guy he likes to take it one day at a time.


Now it's been about 3 1/2 wks. We have only spoken about 3 or 4 times online. Usually he ims me hi, and our convos last about an hr. But everytime he is at home, he just seems different to me. He still enjoys talking to me, but he's less emotional...less talkative sometimes, and stops calling me cutie, and sexy and stuff. I mean I don't know if i'm being stupid here. He's not a phone person- but keeps saying he will call. We still have 2 months left. And when i ask him why he's stopped saying stuff like that and being distant..he just gets defensive and says hes teh same, he hasnt stopped saying anything- just hasnt spoke ot me in awhile. Meanwhile he agrees that itss weird being so far away, and gets jealous if i have dates, and says he does think about me. But is his distance just me being extra sensitive...or is it normal because he is at home now leaving in a separate place. I'm not sure what to think about this guy...He's got me so confused.....



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Smiles, I know how you feel and I'm glad that you updated about what's going on. He loves you very much and I believe him when he says he wants to try again but right now like he said, he's confused. About what? I don't know. He needs to understand though that relationships take work and if he shouldn't go around in life thinking relationships are suppose to be nothing but fun and no rough patches. He sounds like he wants to explore things outside you too but he dosn't want you to do the same. Seems to me is that he wants to have the cake and the ice cream as well.


It's not fair to you for him to keep you waiting like this. I hate ultimatums but have you ever given him one? All I'm saying is that people sometimes need to just stop for a second and think about stuff. Just stop, and think, and think. Smell the coffee kind of thing. My ex was very calm when she broke up with me because she knew I was all waiting for her and still madly in love with us but right when I said I wanted to move on and I needed her to just tell me the truth, she wouldn't. He wants you still but he dosn't know for sure as in the case with my ex.


He tells you he loves you very much still which is a very good sign because my ex told me she dosn't love me like that anymore which is complete B.S. Like you said, you have two months left. That is a good amount of time. Hang out with him still and see if something happens. I'm relying on the situation of let's be friends and see what happens. I know people are telling me here and outside the computer to just stay away from her but I have and they don't know what kind of person she is, she is very implosive and hides all her feelings inside when she is scared and confused. Goodluck and post a reply if you want to talk or just PM girl.


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Lots of stuff here.


He could have a commitment problem or he just really not ready to give you full time, whatever the reason, id have a hard time also commiting to a girl that is still dating other guys! hey id say he has a right to feel jealous if you "have dates". seems both of you are having a hard time with commitment.

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