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Red flags missed


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I met this guy on a dating site, spoke for ages. He asked from my email and sent me song he had recorded. Chat was polite and normal. He's a keen cyclist and am just starting out he was full of advice and encouragement.


While chatting on the site, I randomly got a picture from him, he was wearing t shirt and boxers and stood in front of a sofa. I was shocked, but he shocked me even more with his embarrassment about it. He said he didn't know how that happened, he was mortified about it. He said there was no coming back from that now.


I emailed later asking if he was ok, saying not to be to upset about it. We continued chat through email and then text. Am sure you can guess how this end one date which he said he enjoyed, arrangements for another and then a disappearing act. After an email explain how really nice I was, how he loved my company but he wasn't in the right place for relationship. He was sure one day I would make someone very happy.




I ended up more concerned about his reaction to sending picture, rather than why had I got that pic, who was the pic meant for instead?


Why if he wasn't interested in dating why ask me what am looking for and ask for date after knowing it's a relationship if he doesn't want to ?


We are both on dating site we met on and he's still showing active on and off for short periods throughout the day , why if he hasn't got time to date is he still using a dating site ?


Am not expecting replies, just clearing my mind of stupid questions that will be never answered. Better out than in so they say. Thought this was a better way than going back to him asking in a text and looking like a implement idiot 😜

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I'd say he likes you and enjoyed talking to you, but is not interested in a romantic relationship. Usually people talk to more than one person at a time when doing online-dating, and sometimes there's a person you like talking to, so you keep chatting.

If you're interested in a guy, I'd also advise to rather meet sooner than later to find out if you'd be a match in real life too

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