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Four months post break up/ job loss

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Hey guys. I've posted before on the same subject so I'll keep it short and to the point. Long story short - lost a good job four months ago, shortly after love of my life left me, been downward spiraling ever since. Getting ready to be kicked out of my house from lack of paying rent. I've become so messed up in the head I can't stop getting in my own way. I know the answer is to get a job, any job, and keep going but I've lost hope. Seeing two therapists a week, not helping. Nobody can get through to me. I'm mentally stuck. Contemplate suicide daily.


Anyone have any advise that's not gotta keep pushing forward etc? My friends and family keep telling me I'm the only one that can fix this. I've given up though. I need to be rescued. Am I crazy? Please help.

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Sorry for all your pains Been there... ugh!


Any way you can look into getting onto some type of assistance, since you're not employed?

I take lorazapam (dr) every night to help me sleep (anxiety) and melatonin(natural). Plus therapy.


If you're feeling this rough, you could always go the Hospital and ask to speak to someone (psych ward). Especially if you're feeling this low ( suicide)... I know,, life can be REALLY difficult for us.

They could always admit you for a few days/ a week and do psych evaluation on you... and go from there.


Nothing wrong with admitting you're in need of help here.

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Jy, I know what you're going through. I think we all do. Seems hopeless. Sometimes you think you want to simply die, but you don't. You just want the pain to end. Believe me, suicide doesn't end the pain. It only transfers it to others. Now, there is something you can do and, as far as I'm concerned, it's something to live for: Revenge.


I'm not talking about the keying anybody's car or sharing those intimate pics of your ex taken in happier and more confident times. I'm talking about the kind that's sweeter than you may be able to imagine right now. Your ex, your former co-workers, even your friends eating their hearts out with envy.


I want you to imagine a life in which you feel and look better than you ever have. One in which you're living within your means and not just content, blissed out with joy. You can get there, and I'm going to give you 12 steps on how to do it. Just 12.


1. Get a notebook. Write down 30 positive, present, short, specific, and personal affirmations. (Stop groaning. It works. Trust me.) Every day for the next 30 days, read each one, then, just before bed, write just one of them out at least 30 times.


Here's a good affirmation: I have a great hair. (Short, personal, specific, present tense, positive.)


Here's a bad affirmation: I will have great hair. (This is future tense, not present.)


Good affirmation: I am loved.


Bad affirmation: I won't think about (insert your ex's name here). (Won't is a "negative" word and it's about your ex, not you.)


Yeah, yeah, affirmations are stupid and corny and they work, so do it. It's easy, too. (That inner dialogue has to change.)


2. Change something about the way you look. Part your hair differently, slick it back, something simple but obvious. It's a subtle, visible clue to everyone who knows you that something has shifted. You'll see it every time you look in the mirror.


3. Go get a job. Today. Call everyone you know, walk into places, introduce yourself, tell them you need a job and you need it today.


4. Let go of the things that hold you down. Live simply. There's so much joy in the decision to not be weighed down by possessions. They don't bring happiness, only added responsibility. Live lite. It's freeing.


5. Exercise every day. Natural endorphins will kick in and you'll begin to feel better and more positive.


6. Eat healthy foods. You need nutrients to feel balanced.


7. Avoid alcohol and drugs. Alcohol is a natural depressant and drugs are stupid - only stupid people use them. And you aren't stupid, so I guess I didn't even need to include drugs, but I'm keeping it in for the stupid people who might be reading this. (How do I know you're not stupid? Good spelling.)


8. Wear clothes that make you feel confident. Clothes aren't supposed to be that important, but if you don't feel good in them, it's going to show in the way you carry yourself. But make sure they're also appropriate for the jobs for which you'll be applying.


9. Until you land a new job, volunteer some time with an organization which needs you. Even if you aren't paid, you're still working.


10. Make a point of meeting three new people every week. Those people may be the keys to your new job, your new apartment, your new relationship, inspiration, entertainment.


11. Get a life coach. They're more achievement oriented than counselors and will hold you accountable. Right now you need to feel some success. You probably will still need therapy, but why not have both?


12. Learn a new skill. Carving, painting, making pasta, taking great digital photographs, teach yourself how to speak French or play the cello. Learning a new skill will help. you feel confident.


Finally, read about The Law of Attraction and put those principles in practice in your own life. You obviously want a better one or you wouldn't be here. So why not use every trick you can to help make it happen?


You can get through this and, when you're through it, help others who are where you are today. You can pay it forward tenfold when the time is right.


Do it.



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I will tell you what helped me when I wanted to end it all...


I decided to refuse to let this storm define me. I refuse to let this onslaught of horrible incidents the last three years be the last thing people hear about me.


What has also helped me besides reaching out for help, (reaching for help is a good thing!)... Helping others. I call friends that are having a hard time and try to encourage them without talking about my problems. I come here and try to be supportive of others that are going through the storm as well.


Helping others does two things. It puts good karma in the universe so good things can come looking for me. Also it helps keep things in perspective. Someone else is out there going through the same or worse. It makes me feel less alone. It helps me be thankful for what I do have and also feel useful. My life means something. My story and my support can help someone else. That's a reason to be on the planet and not let this storm literally kill me.


Sending you light and love.


Hold on.... Don't let go. We would miss you. You are needed. You are here for a reason. ❤️

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