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  1. I let them know. I just told my boss a very unfortunate set of circumstances came up that made it so I had to return home to Colorado and that I would not be returning to work.
  2. I just thought of something that resonated with me when I was forced to leave my home. My former roommate (who probably knows me better than anyone right now) told me the following as she was kicking me out. “I don’t think you have an alcohol problem. For the majority of the time we’ve been friends and roommates you have drank responsibly and I didn’t think it was a problem. However, you do have mental health issues (which I acknowledge and was not a secret) and you use alcohol to self medicate. And when you drink to not be sad anymore is when you get out of control.” And after thinkin
  3. Annia, no. I was black out drunk. But from what they told me I basically laid on her inappropriately and was getting a little handsy. They said it was nothing sexual. I know that’s still not ok even being wasted. But it was enough to alarm them quite a bit given she had already turned me down and I see why it’s still pretty bad.
  4. Yeah but I’ve already gotten a couple calls from recruiters back in Texas. Not preferable to return there but if an opportunity presented itself I would take it and just plan on making new friends. Explaining why I voluntarily quit a job without giving notice is a tough one though.
  5. Thank you Flip! I really appreciate that. If anyone else is still reading that could provide some insight into my next question I could really use it. So I’m looking for my next opportunity. And I inevitably will be asked why I left my last job. And for obvious reasons cannot fell the truth or at least the whole truth. Keeping in mind I quit abruptly without giving a notice so on bad terms. Can anyone help me explain that situation to a hiring manager with a positive spin that won’t scare them off?
  6. Not as of yet. I’ve been so distraught all this happened I haven’t really been able to do much of anything. I’m still just in shock and having trouble processing this. I’m not in a good place.
  7. Not sure why you put a monster in quotes but yes I do acknowledge I have a drinking problem and it’s not the first time it’s gotten me into trouble before. Never to this magnitude but not the first time I caused problems for myself as a result.
  8. I hear you guys. Maybe I did deserve to have my life ruined and should just thankful they’re not interested in reporting this so I can at least have an opportunity to start over. I’m not the victim and I can see why some of you have no sympathy for me. But it still really sucks to say the least and is just devastating. I’m not a monster. I just made a really bad mistake and am going to have to find a way to come to terms with it hopefully learn from it.
  9. I appreciate that and agree. That was the big issue. Not so much what happened but that it happened under those circumstances. But threatening my job and telling me everyone hated me/ wanted me gone when that actually wasn’t the case was out of line. Like I said even the girl told me after that it wasn’t anything we couldn’t get passed and acknowledged people sometimes do really dumb stuff when wasted. She was no stranger to that sort of behavior either and understood even though she was still mad at me and understandably so.
  10. Unfortunately I think you’re correct. I’ve been hopelessly waiting for the last few days for one of them to call and say it’s ok and come back. But the phone has not rung. And I have done it before. But I had the luxury of having a cousin let me live with her for a few months until I got on my feet. This time I’d be on my own.
  11. Again, I’m not debating whether what I did was ok or excusable because I was drunk. It wasn’t. And I understand why they didn’t want me to live there anymore especially given the girl was my roommates best friend and was over there often. But I don’t think I deserved to have my life completely ruined which is what happened. And really what I was searching for with this post was advice and encouragement. It’s really difficult for me to see how I’m going to make it out of this. Even in a great economy professional jobs can be very hard to get and right now I am just so devastated I don
  12. I have acknowledged I made a big mistake and never excused it by being black out drunk. It was a terrible thing to do. One thing that made my roommate so mad is that me and the girl were supposed to be distancing ourselves from each other and she had said we shouldn’t have relations anymore. However, what she said and did were two different things. Apparently she had already turned me down that night too. So I see why that makes it worse. Anyway thank you for the responses. Like I said it’s done. I can’t do anything to repair it with the roommates. It seems like the general cons
  13. I really don’t want to be scorned for what took place that night. I’m very aware of how bad I messed up. What I would really like is advice on how to move on given the fact that now I am starting my life completely over again. Friends are gone, life I had is gone, and I’m now looking for a new job and a new life from scratch and trying to be a better human being. I do have some money saved up and am probably going to head to a new city in an attempt to re-create what I did in Texas.
  14. I did own up to it. I acknowledge it was a big mistake and something you just can’t go back from. But the series of mistakes I made that led up to the big mistake was continuing to be close to her after I knew we wanted different things. If I would have just stopped hanging out with her so much after she told me she didn’t want a relationship I wouldn’t have gotten myself in this predicament.
  15. I’ll try to keep this as short as possible as I know really long posts can be a little too much. But I want you to get the full story. But essentially I just completely destroyed my life. A little back story. I moved to Texas almost a year ago because I needed a new start. I was going through a breakup, trouble finding a job, and battling severe depression. And it was the best decision I ever made. I found a great job, made great friends, and created a whole new life for myself. And I was doing really well. I even met a girl that was really fun. It was purely physical and she told
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