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Ptsd / emotional abuse / selective?


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This is short message so sorry for lack of detail.


My partner and i have a very up and down relationship. Since begining they admitted being abused as a child.


However recent 6 mths they have blamed there temper/ mood swings/ emotional abuse on having post traumatic stress disorder. Here is the query all info i read states yes to all the above symptoms happe ing but i can find no material that supports these symptoms beimg directed only at one person.


For example my partner was anger and emotionally abuse for an entire morning we were due to have dinner at my mothers. When we arrived my partner was nice laughing joking normal etc. As soon as we left like literally the second we left they resumed there emotional state as previous.


Has anyone heard of people with ptsd being able to.control it. To be nice to others whilst mean to a specific person? Most sites say outbursts are uncontrollable which effects realtionships but my partner seems to control there mood swings dependig on whos there. Namely the people on the end of it are me and very occasionally the children. Never physical . Just asking for opnions or people who have maybe experienced similar ?

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