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A bit of help for all those struggling


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Hi...now i did post in here the other day for support i guess and i soon realised that although i got advice it wasnt quite what i imagined. Anyway...incase you didnt see OP...my man broke up with me sunday citing stress at work and the fact his father is dying as the reason he couldnt 'continue' the relationship. We had only been dating 3 months and did love each other...please dont judge the amoubt of time people have been together...you do not know them or their feelings. Well i was having a hard time...its now 4 days after and i have taken positive steps for me. I write down every single day how i feel good and bad. I returned his stuff to him knowing he was away with work...i had a key....and i feel so much better. I have times when i cry and times when i feel very very sad about what has happened but none of this is actually to do with ME! if he doesnt like me or love me anymore, that is nothing to do with me. The only person that i NEED to love me is me thats it, if someone else chooses to then that is wonderful but ultimately i need to love me for me. So if you have recently been dumped and are feeling like your world ended, it didnt....write it down and get it all out there and day by day you feel a bit better. You are grieving as it is a loss and let yourself do that at times but remember that life does go on. He hasnt made any attempt to contact me and thats fine...i wrote a letter that went back with his belongings to say that i respect his choice. Im not gonna fight with him over his decision to leave the relationship. He has to live with his choice and i have to live my life. So please dont get bitter and think you cant live alone...you can. If you are meant to be together then at some point you will but dont wait for that. Everything happens for a reason xx

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Dont beat yourself up sweetheart, we are all human and we ALL make mistakes. Work on changing those mistakes you made for YOU. Take each day as it comes, some will be good and some will be bad but the day will still arrive even though right now we dont want it to. Today i woke up crying my eyes out, but thats today, maybe later or tomorrow i will feel strong again. It hurts hun, let it hurt xx

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Thank you I am working on changing these mistakes. It's difficult knowing those mistakes are ultimately what pushed him away but it's also not nice knowing that I basically made myself feel a certain way with those mistakes. I need to work on them so it doesn't happen again. I just wish I had made them before when I was younger. Feel like an idiot being 24 & acting like a crazy 18 year old post break up lol.


I was starting to feel better at the beginning of the week but these last couple of days have been really tough. I'm letting it hurt, I'm crying when I need to cry but I just want to snap out of it.


I hope you're feeling better now!

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Hunni im 41 honest age doesnt come into it. We are all somewhat crazy in love!

Some days are good some days are tough but its not even been a week for me yet. Dont push yourself to get through the grief stage, you need to allow yourself to hurt to see the other side. Im focussing on me and becoming the best i want to be, with no hidden agenda....im loving me for me.

Keep going sweetheart xx

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