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Pls! Wicked revenge ideas!


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I told you in an earlier post, Samantha, that life isn't fair.


And no, the law of the land administers justice, NOT revenge.


You cannot compare burning down a house, or armed robbery or any other offence to your situation.


You really do need to stop obsessing Samantha, as you will drive yourself mad.

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What bugs me is this...moral thing. Why should I walk away? I know that for my own good this would be the smart move. But how about what is fair?


Sweetie, you've answered your own question here.


If you want to bring a prosecution against him for rape, and can get the evidence together, that would be fair. But acting out of spite would only hurt you in the long run, plus making him the centre of your life long past his sell-by date.


Discuss your feelings of anger and bitterness with your therapist; depending on the type of therapy, you may be able to turn them into something positive and energising for yourself - and that really WOULD be "getting your own back".

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