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I dont get why they are doing this??


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So my guy beat friend started dating this girl. I had no problems with this girl but my friends started exclusing me once they brought her around. I figured she didnt like me so they wouldnt invite me. It was pretty bogus. I stopped hearing from my friend joe.


I deleted most of my social media so i wouldnt get upset seeing all their posts hanging out without inviting me. Then joe started talking to me about a random nimber trying to break him and his girlfriend up. I didnt know much about but i tried to help it out with it. I started talking to another mutual friend who tells me that joes girlfriend was purposely excluding me from my friend group and posting mean snaps of me to certain friends. I talk to hoe about it and he said he would set things straight.


Next thing i know hes constantly texting me saying im talking about his girlfriend all the time. Which i wasnt. He always wants to argue with me about what he hears from others and i wasnt having it. I hear of him calling me a and talking badly to everyone about me. I confrontes him and he says all i do is start drama when he is the one always attacking me with rumors?? I had an abortion a while ago and i only told my one friend who is mutual friends with joes girlfriend. I find out that joes girlfriend told everyone and they were all talking about it bejind my back. I feel really attacked and really hurt. I dont get why my friends are turning on me for someone who is so mean towards me. I havent done anything to joes girlfriens and they all defend her. She recently was saying she "wouldnt care if i dropped dead". I thought that was beyond rude of her to say about me but none of my "friends" even stuck up for me. No one will talk to me now. I feel so alone.


Im sorry if its hard to follow. Thanks for reading. I needed to vent.

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