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feeling disposable


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Recently I submitted a post about my break up after my divorce. It's been a month now, contact a little early on and once ascot 12 days ago. . im doing all the heal-thy-self crap , from reinstating my Realtor license to giving time to a soup kitchen. I'm dating and quitting bad habits one at a time... I miss her. Not so much the relationship but damn do I miss HER. I have my kids from the marriage most of the time and I'm near broke. I honestly wish they could go away for awhile and let me cry in peace. In over whelmed and trapped in this little escape pod of an apartment. I moved here after wife's 2nd affair, the dishes, much of the furniture, decorations... My comforter... All came from the girlfriend that I rushed into after the divorce. I was so clingy with her, I was trying to save (in the same way I tried to save my marriage) a relationship that was doing fine on its own. One day I nearly ended it because I always wanted more, no matter how much she gave... I wanted more. . I know my fault, I'm leaving her alone.. I just feel so disposable, why did I do that? Why am I unworthy? Why do the kids bother me so much? Why why why am I being such a whiner?

Idk, but I'm crying

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Break-ups are always difficult, and I imagine divorces are much much worse. You have to give yourself time to grieve and forgive yourself for the time it takes to get over it. It's already hard enough to get over a divorce without you berating yourself over it as well.


Spend more time with your children, go out with your friends, continue to do things that you enjoy doing. Give yourself a time frame. For example, you could give yourself a month to be somewhat of a wreck, but after that you'll get up and move on with your life.

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