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Don't know where to start -- Change in his behavior, to positive !!


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I don't know where to start,



other than I don't want to give away mine (or his) identity, but basically I have been plugging away at the same guy, for YEARS now ! (I know, majority of you would say to move on), except I didn't do that. lol well, I actually sort of did.... lol did the no-contact thing (sort of), and TRIED to move on -- even found a new "crush", what-have-you, set all my social media to *public* on purpose, so he (and his friends), could see that I was moving on.





I indeed, think it worked ! lol, and it wasn't even intentional.








I don't know how to make a long story short, but I'm gonna try (my hardest).



I "dumped" quote, unquote a guy I was interested in, by unfriending and unfollowing and basically, cutting contact. I *may* have kept some avenues open, (to show him I wasn't leaving completely, and that he had a chance, if he cleaned up his act and at least NOTICED me, and gave me a chance someday), but I wound up friending a new guy....


and falling !!




It was COMPLETELY unintentional, and unexpected but it happened ! Well anyway, he started giving me waaayyy more attention than this other guy ever did, flash forward a few months and the other guys' friend/homie guy, wrote a song with the new guys' name in it.



So, J (first guy), and L (new guy) were kind of in "competition" (I think ?)




Wellll anyway. So, I'm enjoying this newfound attention, from a guy who is much more in tune with the kind of person I am, on my side etc.. Only to find out C (J's friend), writes this song which happens to have L's name in it. Granted, common name -- but, still. It was a jealous song, about being jealous of a guy with the same name. (Disguised my name, possibly).



Anyway -- J, is the one I'm interested in, C is just his friend. So, kind of the same crowd etc... (and they could have written the song together) for all I know. Wellll.....




"J" had gone complete quiet, since I had unfriended (and unfollowed him). For like, a good two years. He would post, every great once in awhile, but he even stopped doing his online shows. I *REALLY* missed him.... . lmao *cry face*



He FINALLY starts having a few more online webshows, around October, and around Valentine's. I had stopped attending (he can see when I'm there), or I'd go and leave (early). I went to the October show, but typed that I was kinda busy and wouldn't be able to stay the whole time. (It wasn't true lol) I could have stayed, but I was still hurt/mad/upset. It was even his birthday show, and I may have done it on purpose on that one because he had told me Happy Birthday, 2 years in a row, and skipped the 3rd year.... lol


Valentine's Day show comes around (he called it that), and I went to that one, and stayed. First one, in like a year and a half, to two years.



He happens to tell everyone he's "revamping" his sound. Turns out, he means he's getting WAY more into it, and is going to start getting more involved with everyone -- and then when I figured out what that meant, he even basically asked forgiveness for something, and used the word/term "friend" instead of "fan".


I could get way more into detail, but for the sake of privacy of this situation, as well as I don't know how it's gonna play out.... I'm just gonna leave it at that. All I'm saying, is I'm seeing a change in him, and a slight maturity. (As well as), that whole "jealousy" song... yeaahhh lol Should I also mention, the guy he's (might) be jealous of, is in a bigger, better band ? lolllll.... yeah. that's an ego burst !


we'll see what the future holds, but I'm feeling positive about this. My mom always told me, don't let your heart be walked on, but don't COMPLETELY ever 100% "leave" a guy you're really interested in. Number one, you'll never be able to --Number two, it'll send him the message that you're not interested, anymore, like AT ALL




Well, basically. Number one, I wasn't able to. I "left", but left a few avenues open......... lol, number two, I was always still interested and still am. I'm still friends with L (new guy),





but I'm watching very closely with what J is gonna do with this, and in the future ;-) He has my address (this would be long distance, if anything started with us), and he has been sending me stuff (again), like he always used to before I unfriended him lmao, for his music and stuff

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with the girls, no. Some of my girl "friends" have caused more drama, than the guys have. So, I have cut contact with (most). As far as the guys go, though -- I love it!! I am thoroughly enjoying this. If I didn't like him, I wouldn't put up with him. But, I like/love this !!

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