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I have a huge crush on my best friend - help?


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A year and a half ago, me and my best friend dated for 3 months. That's how it all started. However, I still wasn't over my ex so I broke it off. At the time when it happened he really really liked me and was clingy, and I didn't feel the same, so I thought it wasn't meant to be. Back then, I also was slightly bugged by the fact that he is shorter than me, so I guess I wasn't fully physically attracted to him either.


Since then, we have become best friends, we talk every day, hang out on a regular basis, make each other laugh and are cute towards each other, and he has supported me through so much. Both of us have dated other people since our history together, gave each other dating advice, supported each other. The last several weeks have been quite tough for me and he was always there and I started to realize that maybe I'm catching feelings for him again, so I told him, and he said he does have some feelings, but not nearly as intense as they were when we were dating. I think that if I was fully committed and fought for it really hard, it would happen, us being together, but I am very reluctant. Also, I should mention, both of us are single and not dating anyone else right now.


Today, I told him that I'm confused about what I feel and maybe we should talk less until it passes. Part of me wants to pursue this because he is a sweetheart and the only guy who has treated me well in years, but there's still the physical attraction factor which I'm not sure I can fully get past, and I'm also thinking that what if I'm rebounding? Please help.

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