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it just sucks..

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It sucks to be forced to walk away from someone... someone that you are and have been their cheerleader, support, believed in them when no one else would. Someone you thought was such a huge important part of your life. But, its right in front of your face that they were none of those things to you, and you are more or less just a joke to them... so you have to walk away... it hurts... and it just sucks..

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IT sucks today, but I guarantee you in time you will be extremely happy and laugh at yourself for EVER being like that.


This is very common btw, next relationship, focus on other person's feelings and actions as much as you focus on yours. Key is BALANCE. Closer you are to 50/50, the better off you will be. This goes for just about any aspect of relationship.


60/40s are ok, even 70/30s.........80/20s and 90/10 = WATCH OUT


Good luck on your healing

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I don't think that you should ever try to "keep score" of how much effort each person is putting into a a relationship. What matters is simply whether or not you feel loved and cared for in the relationship. It sucks when you realize you've been taken advantage of, but now that you've realized it and walked away, you can take time to focus on yourself for awhile and come out better for it.

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