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I don't know what to do! :( (Part Two)

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Hello everyone! Sadly, this will be one of my last posts. For more details, check my previous post and scroll down. I wanna thank everyone so much for giving me advice. I've been using a little bit of everyone's advice every day and it's been helping. Anyway, on to the post. So if you haven't already, go read part 1 to get a better grip on my situation. Anyway, today my friend said she was fighting with my ex-friend. I know this seems mean, but I was kind of happy to hear it. The reason being, that person was always horrible to me. He would ignore me and yell at me and blame me for things that I wasn't around for.

But she stayed friends with him. This made me angry that she was friends with him because he would often copy my ideas and claim them as his own too and whenever I asked why he yelled at me and told me that I was a liar and he created them first. So this sense of them fighting gave me some relief. I've been on/off friends with one of my friends. We're currently friends and he agrees with me. The situation is still playing out. One of my other ex-friends would act similar to my other one. She acts all high and mighty and tells us what to do because she's just a couple years older than us. This was the same person who said "Who put the depression juice in the punch?" Anyway, during the apology chat (read part 1 if you don't know what I'm talking about.) I told them how life was treating me and how I was depressed and going through hard times. She freaking one ups me on how bad her life is, then blames me for the fighting, then says the depression juice thing and leaves. My current friends still decide to stay friends with her. This annoys me. My ex-friends treat me horribly and every time, my current friends get a little mad and blows over within 20 minutes. But them? They stay mad at me for multiple months. And then after that hold grudges for 2+ years. And my friends STILL stay friends with them. No matter how bad they treat me, and how long they treat me this way, that's the same case. But to those of you who say, "Remove your current friends because they have no respect." I can't. They are very close, very good friends of mine. We've even created a gaming YouTube group. So I can't remove them, and they're friends with people who hate me. What now? Please leave answers in comments below. Thanks!

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I am really sorry that you have such toxic people in your life. I wish there was a way to make people respect each other, and be kind, but unfortunately, that isn't the case.


There really is no way around the truth. If you want these people to stop treating you poorly, you must cut them out of your life. I've read both posts, and it seems to be an on-going issue that you're involved in. Apologies, fights, so on and so forth. While it's difficult to dismantle friendships and partnerships, especially when businesses/projects are involved, you really have to ask yourself, "Do I want to keep living like this?"


Nothing is making you stay friends with them, except for you. I know a sense of loyalty may be strong when it comes to long-term friends, but sometimes, it's important to free ourselves to be happy. It seems like chance after chance they've behaved in ways that make you miserable, and there's no advice in the world that will make them treat you better.


At this point, it's best to let the past be, cut them from your life and find others that are more positive and kind to you, as you deserve. Create new social media accounts, adjust your privacy settings and ignore them if they intend to follow you on your fresh start. Abandon this group, and perhaps strive something on your own; be a solo artist, so no one can impede upon or steal your ideas.


Be a friend to yourself right now, and rid yourself of these people.

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